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Helping out ‘big time’

Benevolences ministries are multi-faceted in the Assemblies of God. For example:

Highlands Child Placement Services and Maternity Home: About 800 children have been placed for adoption from this 12-acre campus in Kansas City, Mo. The center can house 18 pregnant, unmarried women. Each woman receives counseling should she decide to place her child with an Assemblies of God couple.

Rescued and loved

I was born in September 1951 and named Charles Albert Cox. In 1953 I was placed at Hillcrest Children’s Home and later was adopted by an Assemblies of God minister and his family.

My adoptive parents were wonderful. They made me who I am today. They gave me a Christian heritage. I was at the church whenever the doors were open, but it was while I was in high school that I really turned the corner to live for Christ.

I’m so grateful to the staff at Hillcrest Children’s Home who plucked me out of a situation of poverty. I learned later that my birth mother was 14 when I was born, my father, 15. I left that environment and found a loving Christian home. It was as if God was rescuing me, and I’m grateful.

– Dan Ballard

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Highlands is a resource for families and teens in local churches or who are referred and need help in times of crisis. Highlands also ministers to infertile couples desiring children.

Hillcrest Children’s Home: Approximately 2,300 children have arrived on this 60-acre campus in Hot Springs, Ark. Hillcrest receives children who have been abused or neglected. Through counseling both the child and his/her parents, the family is often reunited.

Hillcrest is a resource for those in local churches and other families who need a safe place for children in crises.

Aged Ministers Assistance: More than 500 retired ministers and their spouses receive monthly assistance or emergency medical aid from Aged Ministers Assistance.

A former home missionary wrote recently: "In the years when we could have earned a good income, we were in the boonies of Alaska. We have no regrets. My husband cried when he got the AMA check, because he felt bad that he was unable to work to earn some extra money."

AMA is a resource for Kingdom-work retirees, now in local churches.

Disaster Relief: Monies given to local churches through Disaster Relief help those churches rebuild after tornadoes, fires and other natural disasters destroy them.

Pastor Danny Leggett of Grove Assembly of God in Drummond, Tenn., whose church was destroyed by fire, says, "The help we received from Disaster Relief became the spark that ignited a ray of hope for our congregation."

Robert J. Michels, director of Assemblies of God Benevolences, thanks those who support these ministries. "It’s about people in the local churches helping others in local churches to get the work done for the Kingdom," he says.

Winter Dawn Williams, a Hillcrest resident, says it this way: "I feel safe and happy here at Hillcrest. They help me out big time, because I was around some bad stuff. I prayed to get out of the stuff that was bad. So God and Hillcrest answered my prayer."

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