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Ministering everywhere

Chaplains minister just about everywhere, in just about every kind of circumstance.

Strength renewed

My wife and I were separated for eight months during the year I was at Goodfellow Air Force Base. With no church to guide and support me, my faith became very weak. I desperately wanted my wife and son back. My wife’s grandmother contacted the Chaplaincy Department who contacted Chaplain Douglas Sullivan. It wasn’t coincidence, but divine intervention. I shared with him how empty and frustrated I was. He sensed that my heart was in the right place, but pointed out that I wasn’t where I needed to be in my walk with God. He prayed with me and lifted my family up to God. His support gave me renewed strength. I knew that whatever was going to happen in my marriage was going to have to start with God. Shortly after praying this prayer, I found a church home. I thank God for sending Chaplain Sullivan into our lives.

—Derek Lambert
Goodfellow AFB, Texas

Prisoners and health-care patients are ministered to regularly by Assemblies of God chaplains who are government or publicly funded.

Men and women in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Veterans Administration hospitals receive pastoral care daily from federally funded Assemblies of God chaplains.

Chaplains also serve at rodeos, racetracks and truck stops.

These chaplains are missionaries without boundaries, ministering to persons of all faith groups as well as the non-churched. Their parish is the world.

Here are some reports from chaplains stationed overseas:

Iceland: "I’ve started Pentecostal services, including prayer meetings and Bible studies. Several people have been saved; some rededicated their lives to Christ; two were baptized in the Holy Spirit; others have been healed. We baptized two already with several more scheduled."

Middle East: "Following the terrorist attack I ministered to the members of the crew; many of them were traumatized and asking questions about life after death."

Stateside reports include:

Illinois: "Hardly a week goes by that I don’t have the opportunity to pray with someone to be saved or rededicate his life to the Lord."

Alabama: "As a result of our five-day crusade there were 488 decisions for Christ and 24 confirmed healings."

Colorado: "The Fellowship of Christian Cowboy Rodeo Bible Camps has been a phenomenal way to share Christ and start a platform for discipleship for these young believers."

Indiana: "I grew up in a religious atmosphere, but there was something different when I heard a motorcycle club chaplain speak. It was like I suddenly realized that there’s a difference between being a good person and having a personal relationship with God."

With training and endorsement by the Commission on Chaplains, Assemblies of God chaplains gain access to institutions and people that other pastors and missionaries cannot. The result? Life-changing encounters that will result in people in heaven, though they may never attend an A/G church.

Our chaplains go everywhere just to get people to one place — heaven.


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