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Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

Today they learn, tomorrow they lead

Reconciling students to Christ. Transforming the university, the marketplace and the world." This mission statement of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries holds the key to changing the world. If students transform the universities for Christ, then the marketplace, even the world, will follow.


As a freshman at a secular university, I was constantly doing things to please others and searching for anything that would bring fulfillment to the empty spaces in my life. I have been a Christian my whole life, and yet I felt that I didn’t really know Christ. I was on the verge of giving up my faith completely.

Then I went to the World SALT, a Chi Alpha conference. God picked me up in His arms and filled me up. He made himself real to me. I realized that I would have to sacrifice my job, my schoolwork, my friends – even myself – for Him. This was not just another spiritual high.

I have followed through with those sacrifices. Now I realize that Jesus is the only true fulfillment.

– Katie Hurley
Springfield, Mo.

In the United States alone, 16 million future lawyers, doctors, scientists, teachers, artists and computer engineers are on campuses right now. Today they learn; tomorrow they lead.

Chi Alpha reaches these future leaders by training full-time missionaries to the campus and partnering with local churches who have a vision for campus ministry. Chi Alpha is active on more than 210 campuses, involving more than 12,000 students weekly. There are as many as 330 full-time campus missionaries, with 138 of them having an international student ministry.

Fifty percent of all Assemblies of God churches are near a college campus. The local church plays a key role in winning students for Jesus Christ through simple, yet effective, ministries.

• Praying with students on campus. Even praying during a lunch break just once a week on campus can make a big difference.

• Picking up students for church or providing user-friendly directions to the service.

• Partnering with local campus pastors to assist their efforts on campus.

• Assisting students attending campus ministry training at Chi Alpha’s Reach the U Institute each June.

• Using servant activities to win favor on campus (offering a free espresso bar and study hall or sponsoring a stress-management dorm talk).

Many secular college and university campuses have completely removed Christianity from their academic environment. Chi Alpha, in cooperation with missions-minded A/G churches, is introducing thousands of students to the love of Christ.


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