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Church Planting

An effective way to grow

North America is the only populated continent where Christianity is not growing. In fact, research shows that approximately 27 million people have left America’s churches in the last decade.

Abundant life

As a Cheyenne growing up in a racist town, I became disenchanted with "white" religion. I thought that if these people who treated me this way were Christians, then why should I want to be like them. I turned away from the ways I knew were right to partying and hitting the bars. I had a marriage that failed, so I was virtually alone.

A friend on campus invited me to University Worship Center, the new Assemblies of God church plant adjacent to the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater. Through that relationship and the church, I now understand what it means to have life abundantly.

Today, I have Christian friends and I look forward to living every day. I also pray for strength for young people dealing with the pressures of growing up. I hope they will find their relationship with God.

— David Peakheart, Ph.D., professor of physics
Oklahoma State University

Church planting is one of the most effective methods of reaching people for Christ, especially when strong established churches parent new churches.

The Church Planting Department is helping make the Assemblies of God a church-planting, church-multiplication movement. The department’s mission is to facilitate the Assemblies of God to plant healthy churches.

The strategy involves assessing potential pastors, providing BootCamps for training, coaching pastors and helping existing churches to parent new churches. Training events have been held for approximately 2,000 participants. Spanish-language BootCamps help meet the challenge of reaching the 35.5 million Hispanics in America.

Seventy-plus church-planting home missionaries are working to see as many churches as possible planted to introduce people to Jesus Christ.

One such church planter is Rocky Alvarez, pastor of Iglesia Casa Del Alfarero (Potter’s House) in Orlando, Fla. He began the church in 1996 in a school and quickly attracted several Hispanic groups. From the beginning there was warm fellowship, exuberant worship, committed people and spiritual passion for Jesus and His Word.

In November 1999, Alvarez attended a Church Planting BootCamp. "The training equipped me to lead our church to increase our effectiveness," he says. "We now average 320 in attendance and are in a building campaign."

The Assemblies of God is committed to raising up church planters and planting multitudes of healthy new works throughout the United States.


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