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Gospel Publishing House

Serving and supplying the church

The magazine you are reading is a result of the decision our founding leaders made nearly nine decades ago that "the gospel should be taught, preached and published in all the world." In November 1914, $5,000 was set aside to purchase the first printing equipment. From that beginning, Gospel Publishing House has grown to become one of the largest Protestant publishing enterprises with more than 14 tons of literature leaving the shipping docks daily. Some 600-800 different magazines, Sunday school curriculum resources and other printed items pass through the presses every year.

"Our purpose as a publishing house is fourfold," says General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask. "To bring glory to Jesus Christ, to strengthen the hands of our pastors and church workers with quality materials, to evangelize the world with literature that introduces them to Christ, and to bring maturity to the body of Christ through discipleship resources." From its beginning, the General Council of the Assemblies of God has remained faithful to those mandates.

While printing gospel literature is the core ministry of Gospel Publishing House, it also is in the "ministry of business." Through the Christian Resources catalog about 10,000 products, ranging from Bibles and books to church signs to awards and gifts, are available. This not only provides churches with resources, but the earnings generated support the ministries of the General Council.

As a not-for-profit company, all earnings from GPH are channeled back into ministry.

"Gospel Publishing House is here to serve our churches and the ministries of our Fellowship. That is our ministry," says Arlyn Pember, national director of publication and general manager of Gospel Publishing House.

Ministry and service are the hallmarks of GPH. What separates them from a secular mail-order company is providing products with eternal value. Many people come to the Lord as a result of the products GPH sells. Others come to know the Lord better. The workers take their jobs – their ministries – very seriously.

Occasionally a call is received from someone who just received Christ as Savior and is ordering his or her first Bible. Some don’t even know what kind of Bible to order, so they receive individual help in making a selection. That kind of personal service is what Gospel Publishing House is all about.

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