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Building godly men

HonorBound, the Assemblies of God’s men’s ministry, is nationally recognized as a leader in ministry to men. With insightful training, quality resources and Spirit-led conferences, HonorBound impacts men.

A new man

I started attending HonorBound meetings soon after I accepted Christ. At first I did not attend consistently; but when we started the soul-winner discipleship series, my eyes were opened to the direction my life and relationships were heading – it wasn’t good. My sons were afraid of me because I used to yell at them all the time; but through HonorBound, Christ changed all that.

At one meeting while I was watching an HonorBound video about intimacy with the Lord, the Holy Spirit convicted me about an area of my life that was keeping me from growing closer to the Lord. When I got home, I dumped all my liquor down the drain.

Before attending HonorBound I never let my guard down around other men. Now I am able to share my needs, pray, cry and laugh with them. With HonorBound I found a place where I can tell other men where I was and where I am now, and God is using that to encourage others.

– Gilbert Sanchez
Sweeny, Texas

HonorBound’s mission is to grow godly men through the power of the Holy Spirit and engage them in a lifetime of discipleship and evangelism. "Men’s ministry is foundational to the church," says Chuck Brewster, director of HonorBound. "Men want to be spiritually challenged and they need to be shown godly examples and held accountable. Unless a man is challenged he won’t respond."

Statistics show that men who are reached for Christ will win their entire families to Christ 93 percent of the time. In doing so, marriages, families, neighborhoods and communities are transformed.

Though HonorBound emphasizes families, it is for all men, including those who are single. The purpose of HonorBound is really personal holiness. "It’s about taking bold spiritual steps as men," says Brewster.

HonorBound offers several products, conferences and programs to strengthen men in their spiritual lives as well as with their relationships. A new discipleship series, Dad’s Coaching Clinic, contains 16 tips on becoming a great dad; district and regional conferences are held several times a year; and a new concept called Team HonorBound enlists men in ministering to other men.

Team HonorBound’s goal is to link arms with men around the nation to reach other men with the gospel and provide discipleship opportunities for them. Membership includes a subscription to the HonorBound men’s magazine, a membership card, discounts and other premiums.

Though reaching men for Christ and equipping them with the tools to be great men of God are paramount, local HonorBound groups also gather for outings such as golf, bowling, fishing and basketball tournaments.

HonorBound addresses men’s needs at every level. It emphasizes to men that they need the power of the Holy Spirit to carry out what God wants from them. HonorBound believes that through reaching men the church will reach their families and future generations will be changed for the better.


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