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Intercultural Ministries

America … the other mission field

The mission of Intercultural Ministries is to reach the culturally distinct groups in America with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by partnering with churches to provide training and resources that encourage sensitivity to ethnic diversity.

Urban outreach

I am a new member of the weekly Bible study at Urban Outreach. It seems I draw souls to Jesus when I invite them to join me for church or a Bible study. I like to tell people how God will deliver them when they believe in Jesus’ name and repent of their sins. David East, a staff member at Urban Outreach, said this is how a disciple becomes a disciple-maker.

I used to smoke and drink. Because of Urban Outreach, I have rededicated my life to Christ, been filled with the Holy Spirit, and quit smoking and drinking. I also completed my first Global University course.

I have a heart for this violence-filled community, as does Urban Outreach, to raise up a people of hope, empowered by the gospel, to impact their communities for Christ.

— Brenda Chase
Washington, D.C.

Friendship evangelism and one-on-one discipleship are effective in reaching individuals with the good news. Some pastors of local churches partner with others to establish outreaches to ethnic groups in their communities. When the ethnic community is sizable, a church may be established for that cultural group.

Currently, 400 Assemblies of God home missionaries minister to more than 40 different groups in America. These include:

• ethnics.

• urban and inner-city.

• blind or visually impaired.

• deaf.

• KidCare America, for kids at risk. This plan will provide churches with resources, training and programs to minister to kids after school in churches.

• Special Touch Ministries, for those with disabilities.

• Native Americans. There are 181 Native American and Alaska Native churches. More than half of all Native Americans live in urban areas.

• Jewish people. One of three today lives in the United States.

• Ministry to Muslims. There are two and one-half times as many Muslims in America as there are Assemblies of God adherents.

People coming to America represent virtually every nation on earth. Assemblies of God churches are taking advantage of this window of opportunity to reach the world by reaching those who are making America their home.


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