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Music Ministries

Led by the Spirit

For many church visitors, a music service is their first taste of ministries in the Assemblies of God. Praise and worship, choir, orchestra and drama are integral parts of a church’s ministry.

Healing through praise

I came to know the Lord in November 1999 during an emotionally difficult time in my life. I started attending Suncoast Cathedral (Assemblies of God) a month later when I moved to St. Petersburg, Fla.

The music ministry at Suncoast was one of the reasons why I kept coming to the church. Being able to participate in praise and worship has had a lot to do with the quick healing that God performed in my life.

Because the Lord inhabits the praises of His people, when I participate in praise and worship I am led into His presence and am available for healing. Many of the same methods that our pastor uses in praise and worship I now use at home on an individual basis, so I continue to receive the blessings that come out of that.

– Abigail Richardson
St. Petersburg, Fla.

"Everything that happens musically in our churches should prepare people for the preaching of the Word," says Paul Ferrin, director of the Assemblies of God Music Department. "Worship sets the scene so that people’s hearts are prepared for the Word."

Every church desires the presence of the Lord to permeate everything they do, whether it is worship music, choir and orchestra music, special music or productions. Those involved in music ministry pray and prepare so their hearts and the music will be right. The goal is that everything the church presents is full of the truth of God, not just popular tunes.

The national Music Department’s fourfold purpose is to help local churches nurture worshippers, encourage musicians, train leaders and provide resources.

The department focuses on strengthening music leaders. A network for music ministries is available through their office and Web site. The network features resources and training materials for worship leaders and music ministers whether volunteer or paid, serving in small or large churches.

Recently, CDs featuring original live praise and worship from A/G churches have been featured in the network publication, providing new and exciting worship songs that cannot be found in local bookstores. Downloadable clips and ordering information can be found on the department Web site.

Ferrin hopes that through the ministry of music, people will experience God. "We want people to feel God’s presence," he says, "and know through the words that they sing that God can meet their needs, and that an experience with Christ is what they need."

In A/G churches, people will encounter anointed, spirited music that will draw them into the presence of God. Ministers draw from a range of musical styles, striving for balance between traditional worship styles and contemporary trends, resulting in greater congregational unity.


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