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National Prayer Center

Hurting? Call 1-800-4-PRAYER

The bumper stickers read, "Hurting? Call 1-800-4-PRAYER." Hundreds of thousands have responded since 1994, when the Assemblies of God National Prayer Center opened its phone lines to provide prayer for expressed needs by callers and for those who write, e-mail and fax requests.

Throwing a lifeline

Being a Satellite Prayer Center has changed our church. In the beginning many were skeptical and fearful, but now they do not want to stop praying.

A year and a half ago we added this ministry to our regular Wednesday night prayer service. We have two people on the phones and a third person who serves as a runner, bringing the requests to a group of 35-40 intercessors in the sanctuary.

1-800-4-PRAYER throws out a lifeline to people who are in a hopeless situation, but it also changes those who are praying. Those involved are experiencing revival and personal renewal. They get so excited when they have a chance to lead people to the Lord on the phone. There’s also excitement when we get praise reports back.

This has allowed our church to expand our borders and reach beyond our personal needs. It’s a life-changing ministry.

— W. Dean Moore, prayer coordinator
Evangel Assembly of God
Muskogee, Okla.

"Prayer has always been a focal point for this Fellowship," says Madonna Paulson, coordinator for the prayer center. "We believe prayer brings literal transformation to lives and hearts. This ministry is a powerful tool to reach those in our world who are hurting."

Prayer center volunteers pray with callers, asking only their first names. Paulson believes the confidentiality helps callers open up, confess sin and redirect their lives. "Our sole purpose is prayer," she says. "We do not counsel or offer suggestions to callers. We do not solicit funds. We simply believe in the power of prayer and the effectiveness of the Word of God in prayer."

If a caller accepts Christ and chooses to provide a mailing address, the center will send a Bible and Christian literature. Callers are encouraged to find an Assemblies of God church through their yellow pages, but no specific referrals are given.

More than 400 Assemblies of God churches have joined as Satellite Prayer Centers or members of the Intercessory Prayer Network.

As a satellite center, a church can receive calls at their local church (cost-free). These volunteers are critical to the success of the ministry. "In the year 2000 the prayer center received 402,833 calls, but we were only able to answer 58 percent of those calls," Paulson says. "My heart grieves for the unanswered calls. We desperately need more volunteers to keep up with the growth."

Churches who participate in the Intercessory Prayer Network receive copies of requests via fax or e-mail and take the requests daily to the Lord in prayer.

Calls are answered seven days a week, with an average of 1,100 calls per day. "We are seeing miraculous things happen daily," says Paulson. "Healings, restored relationships, freedom from addiction — whatever the Bible promises, we are seeing it through the National Prayer Center."


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