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Senior Adult Ministries

Life begins at 50

A century ago, the retirement years – if Americans lived that long – were fraught with worries about ill health and poverty. Now, once many Americans hit the senior circuit, they have years of active, healthy living ahead.

A/G churches offer … a new song

After I lost my husband of 67 years I was grieving. He had always looked after me. Then the Pioneer Choir opportunity opened up at Central Assembly. I hardly had any voice left because of stress, but they were so sweet and kind to let me in the choir. Now, two years later, I’m hitting the high notes. It’s such a blessing to me. I realize the Lord has left me here with something to do. It’s not just the music. There are 75 of us – and the average age is 75. I’m 87 and I’m still very active.

— Lucille Spence
Springfield, Mo.

The Assemblies of God recognizes that Christians 50 and older – the age people in the United States are considered seniors – have much to offer the church. The Fellowship created a Senior Adult Ministries Department in 1995 because of the growing population of those older than 50.

"Senior adults are important to the church and they can’t be ignored," says Stephen B. Sparks, director of the Senior Adult Ministries Department. "They have time, talent and testimonies to offer that need to be redeemed."

There are more senior adults than children or teen-agers. The department assists congregations in providing evangelism and outreach materials.

"The church recognizes that the call of God is for a lifetime, not just until retirement," Sparks says. "Being a senior is more than bringing a covered dish to a potluck or going to the doughnut shop to drink coffee. There’s no reason an 84-year-old person can’t lead people to the Lord."

That objective is part of the department’s threefold mission of ministry to the Lord, to the church and to the world. A/G churches offer opportunities for those 50 and older to participate in activities that foster spiritual growth and health, age-level educational pursuits, evangelistic outreach and wholesome fellowship events.

A national newsletter is published three times a year that has a higher circulation than anything Gospel Publishing House produces besides the Pentecostal Evangel. The free, colorful six-page newsletter, Primeline, includes sections on ministry, health, finances, humor, educational opportunities and practical living.

A total of 3,250 Assemblies of God churches in the United States have active senior adult groups, most of them led by volunteers. Local churches have many seniors programs – everything from prayer chains to organized travel opportunities.


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