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Single Adult Ministries Agency

Single, but not alone

Pastors report that at least half their visitors are single or single-again. Because of these numbers, churches are seeing the need for ministry to single adults.

Support and friendship

In 1993, I committed my life to the Lord. I left my worldly lifestyle and started attending church with my 2-year-old daughter, and we’ve been here ever since.

Since then, I have been part of the singles ministry — in the Sunday school class and home Bible studies at First Christian Outreach Center in West Columbia, S.C. This singles ministry has been sensitive to the needs of single parents and their children, and our pastors have made themselves available to us for support and friendship.

Divorce care is an awesome ministry to singles. Through divorce care, I have been able to deal with my parents’ divorce, that took place when I was 5, and to see how it has affected my life choices. I have been helped to deal with my divorce and find my identity in Christ, not in mistakes that I have made. I realize that I am forgiven, and I am experiencing the forgiveness and unconditional love of Christ.

— Melanie Todd
West Columbia, S.C.

"The singles population is too large to ignore, and their abilities and talents are too valuable to waste," says Dennis Franck, director of the A/G Single Adult Ministries Agency. "If the church is going to be effective in reaching and discipling adults, the single adult warrants our efforts and time."

Recognizing this, the Fellowship organized the Single Adult Ministries Agency in 2000. Churches are developing ministries to single adults for various age groups (18-25, 20s and 30s, 35-plus) and need groups (divorce care, widowed, single-parent family, etc.).

There are many scriptural role models of singles serving in ministry, including the apostle Paul, John the Baptist, Naomi, Anna — and Jesus. "We want to release single adults into the service of the greatest single adult who ever lived, Jesus. He is the best model of what a single adult can do for the kingdom of God," Franck says.

Some single adults (like married adults) first come to church because of some struggle in their life such as a broken relationship, family or employment problems, etc. Singles who are hurting hope to find an open door to restoration and integration.

Ministry to single adults provides:

• unconditional love and acceptance;

• opportunities to meet other single adults;

• teaching/discussion on issues relevant to the single life;

• ministry opportunities.

In the United States, of all adults 18 years and older:

• 23 percent have never married (46 million);

• 10 percent are divorced (20 million);

• 7 percent are widowed (13 million);

• 4 percent are separated (6 million).

In society 44 percent of adults fit one of those categories. Yet in most A/G churches, only 23-30 percent of adults are single. George Barna, a respected Christian researcher, says that single adults are the largest unchurched group in the country. Single-person households account for one in every four homes, compared to only one in 20 a century ago.

Look around your church and you will find single adults serving in many areas, including Sunday school, choir, ushering, greeting, music, praise and worship, and serving on committees, boards and teams of every kind. More than ever, congregations are recognizing the important role single adults have in the church, and that the words church growth and single adult ministry are synonymous.


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