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Teen Challenge

Results you can see

Teen Challenge evangelizes people with life-controlling problems. This discipleship program, through the love of Christ, helps students to function in society by applying biblical principles to relationships in their families, churches, vocations and communities.

No longer running

I am 31 and a fourth-generation drug addict. When I was 5, Child Protective Services removed me from my parents due to their drug addiction. At 13, I was drinking, smoking and running with gangs. My parents introduced me to crack and heroin and I soon became addicted. I became pregnant four times. Because of my drug addiction, these four children were taken away. I sold my body on the streets to support my drug habit.

When I became pregnant with my fifth child, I knew I had to get help. An uncle enrolled me in Teen Challenge, where the Lord healed me of my hurts and delivered me from drugs. I am now a responsible mother of a baby boy, dealing with things instead of running from them. God gave me the strength to get through all of this. I give Him all the praise.

– Rachel Ruiz
Oakland, Calif.

Teen Challenge achieves this by working with local churches and individuals to help those struggling with addictions and willing to commit to long-term discipleship.

The Teen Challenge discipleship curriculum has recently been updated. These lessons are used in Teen Challenge centers around the world and also in churches, schools, prisons and for pastoral counseling. The second edition of the sexual abuse curriculum, Committed to Freedom, was published this year to reach lives scarred by sexual abuse.

A dynamic drug-prevention program exists in Teen Challenge that seeks to reach youth and others at risk of becoming involved with addictions and violence. Literacy, adult education, GED and after-school programs are operating in and through Teen Challenge centers around the United States to help families and communities escape the devastation of abuse and addiction.

There are presently 147 residential Teen Challenge centers in the United States and another 31 non-residential sites. Teen Challenge centers conducted 33,000 church services, 2,000 school meetings and 4,640 prison meetings in 1999-2000 with a total of 1.8 million participants. These resulted in more than 60,000 decisions for Christ, and more than 5,000 graduates received hope and new lives.

More than 1,250 full-time staff ministers serve in Teen Challenge USA (including 217 directors and 68 nationally appointed home missionaries). In addition, 810 volunteers, 170 part-time employees and 2,231 workers serve in local Teen Challenge programs.


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