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Welcome to our family

If this is your first visit to an Assemblies of God church, let me join with the pastor and congregation and extend to you a hearty welcome. You have honored us by coming, and we thank you so very much for worshipping with us.

You will not attend an Assemblies of God church long before you learn we love families. Whatever your situation — whether you belong to a large family unit or are single, a single parent or widowed — you are welcome into the Assemblies of God family, part of the great family of God. There is a place for you and every member of your family — whether in Sunday school, children’s church, the choir, orchestra, women’s and men’s ministries, youth activities … the list goes on. We hope you will choose to find out more about all the opportunities offered and become an integral part of the church.

As you read this issue of the Pentecostal Evangel, the official voice of the Assemblies of God, you will learn a lot about our Fellowship — its history, programs, doctrines, patterns of worship and more. In addition, I am sure the pastor, staff and others in the congregation will be happy to help you learn about the church you are attending today. Most important, we want you and your family to feel welcome and enjoy your time of worship and fellowship.

While becoming part of a church is important, belonging to an Assemblies of God church or any other group does not guarantee salvation and inheritance of eternal life with Jesus Christ. There is only one way to be certain of your eternal destiny — by accepting Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, as your Lord and Savior. If you have not made that commitment, I hope and pray you will do so today. It is the most important decision you will ever make. The church family that surrounds you will be happy to explain the way of salvation and pray with you.

Thank you again for visiting. We are so pleased you have joined with us for this time of worship. We hope you will come back. May God’s love and blessing enrich you deeply in the days ahead.

—Thomas E. Trask
General Superintendent, Assemblies of God

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