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We Build People

Complete strategy for personal growth

Visitors to Assemblies of God churches regularly comment on the freedom of worship, the biblical preaching and the friendly welcome they experience. They might not know that a growing number of Assemblies of God churches are involved in a program designed to meet long-term spiritual needs at a deep and thorough level.

Sense of belonging

The key to our becoming an integral part of Trinity Church (Assemblies of God) in Cedar Hill, Texas, was the sense of belonging that we experienced as we visited the church. Stacy attended a function for women hosted by the church two years ago. The warm, comfortable environment compelled us to visit the church – and later join the church. A visit to the membership class taught by Pastor James Hennesy was followed by a new members retreat. The personal touch we experienced in this setting resulted in our joining the church. We were included. We are being instructed. We have become involved. We are Sunday school teachers, home team leaders and part of the Base 1-membership team.

The We Build People principles, reflected at Trinity Church under the theme "People Are the Purpose," made the difference in our lives.

— Ron and Stacy Fulton
Cedar Hill, Texas

We Build People is a nationally endorsed, four-step process that invites participants to take a journey toward spiritual maturity. It is built on four core values.

• Every person has the right to a presentation of the gospel at his or her level of understanding.

• Every person needs a biblical moral compass to guide and protect him/her throughout life.

• Every believer has unique gifts to be developed and used to strengthen the church.

• Every believer has a purpose in advancing the global mission of the church of Jesus Christ.

"The church that utilizes We Build People is committed to helping believers grow in every aspect of their spiritual lives," says LeRoy Bartel, commissioner on discipleship. "These churches believe the biblical purposes for the church ought to be reflected in each Christian’s life. A healthy believer is a believer who in each area is growing and is then helping someone else to grow."

A baseball diamond helps people understand the We Build People process. First base represents a church’s commitment to include spiritually hungry people and help them commit their lives to Christ. At second base the church works to instruct believers, helping them to develop a working knowledge of the Bible, build godly habits and experience the life-transforming baptism in the Holy Spirit. A church’s third base task is to involve believers by helping them discover God-given gifts and train for ministry. With the cycle complete at home base, a church will invest believers and help them think through their life’s calling with the goal of sharing their faith with others.

Assemblies of God churches are not focused on merely constructing buildings, or simply building attendance, but building healthy Christians. First, they have an intentional strategy in place to reach out and embrace people who have not come to Christ yet and give them an opportunity to hear the life-changing gospel of Jesus and receive Him as their Savior. With We Build People, they also have a definite, intentional process in place to help believers grow and become vibrant, reproducing Christians.

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