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A grace note

‘Where are you going?’*

One way to chart where you have been and where you are going is to keep a journal. Books on journaling are scarce — perhaps because it is a private exercise.

My habit of writing down abbreviated prayer requests and praises almost daily has shown to me the value of journaling.

Here’s a peek (entries are in italics):

July 1995: Chuck and Stefanie … for a child.

Brenda Roever: Her source of strength by Ada Nicholson Brownell

Our daughter Stefanie married Chuck Meyers in August 1991. They planned to start their family soon after, but it didn’t happen.

August 1997: Thank You for Chuck and Stefanie’s baby-to-come.

The struggle with infertility was taking a toll. Amid Mother’s Days and arrivals of friends’ babies, Stefanie received a promise from God’s Word. She knew in her heart that, when it happened, it would be God’s timing.

March 1998: Help Chuck and Stefanie remain strong.

Both continued to speak in faith: "When I get pregnant … "; "When we have children … ."

August 1998: Baby boy Meyers.

Faith must have welled up in my heart.

March 20, 2000: Chuck and Stefanie came to the house to tell us she is pregnant.

What a memorable moment!

November 30, 2000: Connor Dean Meyers is born.

This isn’t a tribute to my prayers, although I know God heard and saw my desire to be a grandmother. It’s a tribute to a daughter and son-in-law’s faith.

Connor’s baby book has on the cover: "You are the child for which we prayed." Inside is the verse: "For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him" (1 Samuel 1:27). His parents now have my journal entries. We want Connor to know he’s a child of promise.

I encourage you to do some form of journaling — abbreviated or detailed — so you can look back to see God in the ebb and flow of life. Then you will know that you can hear Him in the days ahead when He whispers your name in the gentle breezes or when He shouts to you in your storm.

So where am I going?

Straight to Connor’s house after I write this editorial.

— Ann Floyd

*Theme for Assemblies of God Women’s Ministries 2001 from Genesis 16:7,8 (NIV). Today (February 25) is National Women’s Ministries Day.

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