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Vantage point

Even the big rocks move

My dad taught me a lot about life. We didn’t have frequent, long, deep heart-to-heart talks when I was a child. He didn’t spend a lot of time indoctrinating me on his views. But he spent time with me. We played catch, golfed and fished together. We spent long hours on the crisp, clear streams of northern California. And it was during those times, little by little, that I gleaned the benefits of his quiet, godly wisdom.

Because we hiked through forests, on deer paths and along the remote portions of rivers — to get to areas less fished — there were certain things he taught me to watch out for: poison oak, sharp branches or thorns in the underbrush, rattlesnakes … and moving rocks.

As I reached my teen years and became more adept at making my way across rugged landscape, I became more self-confident — and less careful. Frequently I would bound across a crevice onto a neighboring boulder. My dad’s direction was simple and to the point: "Son, test the rocks before you put your full weight on them. Even the big rocks move."

I ignored his advice — until I learned the lesson the hard way. Negotiating a bank slightly above the riverside I found myself with a choice: Take some extra time to go around the sure way, or leap onto a large boulder a short distance in front of me. I chose the latter. And when I landed, I felt this gigantic rock quiver slightly before it gave way and precipitated me unceremoniously down the bank and into the water. I was just pulling my drenched form from the water’s edge when my dad emerged from the safe, longer way. "Even the big rocks move," he reminded.

It’s a lesson I have carried into my adult life and ministry. I have seen Christians throw their whole weight spiritually upon some big name ministers. And when the big name fell, these disciples landed hard. The greatest saints have flaws. Every rock will fail us but Jesus, the solid Rock. He’s the only Rock we can have faith to leap upon with our full weight. No one should ever lose out with God because a man fails.

When tempted to throw more dependence upon a "giant of the faith" than upon Christ, remember that even the big rocks move. If you have your weight on Jesus when a big rock falls, you won’t fall with it.

— Ken Horn

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