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You are a leader

What do you do here at the church?" I asked the man seated by me at the missions banquet.

Eddie and Jamal: Loving the lost in L.A. by Kirk Noonan

"Oh, I am filling in as the Royal Rangers commander until we get a permanent leader," he answered.

"Why don’t you continue as the leader?" I asked. "Don’t you like working with the troops?"

"I love it," he replied, "but I am not qualified to fill the position permanently. I’m not much of a leader."

This scenario, applied to various ministry opportunities, is repeated in church after church. Individuals see themselves as temporary fill-ins until more qualified people arrive.

I do not subscribe to that philosophy. God has no substitutes. Everyone He places in leadership is a first stringer — one whom God will work with patiently on a long-term basis until he or she becomes the leader who is needed. There are no second-class citizens in Kingdom work.

The late David du Plessis made the statement, "God has no grandchildren." It applies to substitutes and second-class citizens as well; God has none. I’m not sure that anyone is a born leader who needs no development in order to fulfill the call of God.

Perhaps some did refuse to serve and the responsibility was passed on to you. The person who refused becomes the substitute — not you.

Everyone has at least one talent. God expects us to use what we have where we are. Golden opportunities and great successes usually have very insignificant beginnings. Faithfulness and diligence make the difference. God can move a one-talent person up to a two-talent person. He can and does give leadership gifts to people who are serving to the best of their abilities and are faithful in little things.

Don’t stand on the sidelines because you view yourself as someone with nothing to offer. Give God the opportunity to train, discipline and gift you for the work He has called you to do. Moses, when he was 80, said he was not a leader or a public speaker, but God gifted him and he became one of the greatest leaders of all time. We must always factor in the power of the Holy Spirit and focus on what He can do through us rather than our own limitations.

What could we become if we make ourselves totally available to God for whatever assignment He gives us? Life would take on a new meaning and we would find ourselves on an exciting journey.

— Charles Hackett

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