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The world at your doorstep

How would you like to have a part in reaching more than 1.2 billion people in China? You don’t need to learn the language. You don’t even need to travel to China. Your greatest expense would be a home-cooked meal. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

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The cream of the crop of China’s youth, approximately 60,000 young men and women, are pursuing degrees at American universities. They have come at no expense to the American church and they require no financial support from us. They speak and write English, and surveys show that one of their greatest desires is to become acquainted with American families.

For the price of a home-cooked meal, you can have a part in world evangelism – and not just to China, but to almost any country. Students are here from all over the world. This is the greatest opportunity for worldwide evangelism the U.S. church has ever had.

Think of the possibilities. Future world leaders could be guests in your home … if you would only invite them. They could hear how Christ affects and changes lives, not from a skeptical secular news source but from a person (you) who has an intimate relationship with Jesus. I’m not speaking of a one-time encounter where a person who has never heard the gospel repents after one visit to the home of a Christian, but of an ongoing relationship that may span several months and result in a genuine conversion.

You don’t need a visa, passport or governmental permission, just a love for the lost. You don’t need a degree in biblical studies, just a willingness to share your faith. All of this with an individual who comes to your home where you set the agenda.

It is easy to get started. If there is a Chi Alpha campus ministry at a college near you, they can make arrangements for you. Otherwise, call the dean’s office and tell them you would like to host international students for a meal. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, when most students go home, are a great time to entertain international students.

Make your home a place for world evangelism. It will be exciting.

— Charles Hackett

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