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Focus on America

Support our Native American family

"Keep America Beautiful," one of the most memorable television ad campaigns ever, featured an Indian looking over the trashed landscape of America with tears in his eyes. I think there should be tears on the cheeks of the church when we view our failure in reaching the original inhabitants of this continent.

Reservation Revival: God is moving among American Indians by Kirk Noonan

Conversation with John Maracle: A growing Native American Fellowship

I believe the Assemblies of God is doing more today than it ever has to reach Native Americans for Christ. We have an excellent team leading the Native American Fellowship, under the direction of John Maracle, a Mohawk Indian. These men and women are very aggressive in their vision to reach their fellow Americans on a scale we have never before witnessed. The following articles give glimpses of how God is using His Native American servants to fulfill the Great Commission. In order for them to succeed, however, all of us need to do our part. Our number one priority must be prayer.

We need a move of God across reservations where thousands of Native Americans live, many of whom are bound by the powers of darkness. No human-inspired program will break Satan’s hold on lost Native Americans. Historically, the U.S. government’s intervention has not worked. Despite the money they earn, today’s casinos have not changed troubled lives. The only solution lies in going back to the cross where Jesus permanently broke Satan’s authority. The power of God will make the difference; nothing else will.

President George Bush has designated November as Native American Month, and this highlights the need for the church to pray for this persecuted and almost forgotten segment of our society. My request is that every church pray weekly during the month of November for revival among Native Americans. God still answers prayer.

Second, we need to build friendships with our Native American brothers and sisters. We have many home missionaries ministering in Native American communities and they would be pleased to visit your church and give you a firsthand report of what God is doing. Many of them are Native American.

Third, we need financial support for our missions outreach and for our Native American Bible colleges and institutions. American Indian College in Phoenix, Ariz., is the only accredited evangelical Bible college for Native Americans in the United States.

By joining hands in prayer, friendship and sacrifice, we can make a difference.

— Charles Hackett

Editor’s note: As we focus on America we cannot help but think of the events of September 11. As men and women who have served in our Armed Forces are recognized this Veteran’s Day, we join in honoring them. We think of the many who will be called upon in the upcoming days to defend our nation. Our appreciation and prayers go out to them.

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