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A Christless Christmas

SPRINGFIELD, MO. — Many have tried to disconnect Christ from Christmas. Through litigation they’ve attempted to rename the holiday and strip the landscape of Nativity scenes. They’ve protested public renditions of "Joy to the World" and forbidden angelic ornaments on government-owned Christmas trees.

But what would Christmas look like without the miracle of Bethlehem? What would the culture celebrate if Jesus was never born and there was no Christ in Christmas?

Be assured, December 25 would be celebrated in a much different manner:

1. Carolers would sing, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire ... " but no one would hear, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing."

2. Children would read Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer, but couldn’t read the "greatest story ever told."

3. Christmas trees would be erected in every living room, but not a single cross would be found.

4. Wreaths would decorate homes and businesses, but a crown of thorns would hold no meaning.

5. Eggnog and alcohol would flow at restaurants and taverns, but Holy Communion would not be served.

6. Mardi Gras-like parties would spill into the streets, but Christian altars would be empty.

7. Families would gather around the table for a holiday feast, but wouldn’t join hands to say a prayer.

8. Hugs and kisses would abound among family members and friends, but peace and comfort would elude them.

9. Thousands would watch Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life, yet live each day without hope.

10. Exchanging gifts would still evoke smiles and bring temporary satisfaction, but no one would enjoy the ultimate gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The truth is that, without Christ, December 25 would lose its value and meaning.

The holiday would be just another excuse to throw parties and escape the pressures of life. But because of the birth of Christ, His death, and His resurrection, each Christmas we can celebrate His love and promise of eternal life in heaven.

If you haven’t received Christ, today can be the most significant day of your life. By following the ABCs of Salvation, from this day forward you can celebrate Christmas 365 days a year.

—Hal Donaldson

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