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‘God, we need Your help’

DALLAS — After a lengthy conversation, I asked a fellow airline passenger if I could say a prayer for him. The stranger replied, "Sure … but why?" Congratulating him for a fair question, I said, "Because all of us need God’s help, and I want to pray for His blessing on you and your family. Besides, I know the God of the universe will hear our prayer. His eyes are on us right now."

The young man nodded approvingly and closed his eyes.

After offering a brief prayer, I shook his hand.

"Thanks," he said. "It’s good to know the Man upstairs is watching out for me."

"He is," I replied, "and He longs for you to talk to Him, to tell Him you need His help."

"I guess I really haven’t thought much about God … or needing His help," he said, "but thanks for the advice."

A few weeks later, on September 11, we were all reminded of our need for God’s help. The security once found in our bank accounts, health clubs and gated communities has vanished.

Since the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, many have turned to God. They’ve gone beyond lightly saying, "God bless America," to honestly admitting, "God, I need Your help." Like the football players featured in this magazine, people are discovering that a relationship with God’s Son, Jesus Christ, is the only source for lasting peace. In addition, they are experiencing the comfort and security that comes from conversing with God.

Anyone can talk to God. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect before you can ask for His help. Tell Him you’re afraid. Tell Him you don’t like where your life is headed.

Tell Him how others have hurt you and how you’ve made your share of mistakes.

Be assured a merciful God is listening. He isn’t interested in your ability to string together religious-sounding words. He’s more concerned that you speak from the heart.

Today God is inviting you to make the same decision that many NFL players have made: to become a follower of Jesus Christ. If you want to know God and His Son, Jesus Christ, follow the ABCs of salvation. You’ll soon discover that God’s help is just a prayer away.

—Hal Donaldson

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