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Vantage point

Hidden blessings

I love the little blessings that God hides for us in everyday life. I wonder how many we overlook or fail to appropriate.

It had rained most of the previous night and much of the day when I drove home after work one evening in early spring. My plans for the evening had been dampened. It was the second day of daylight-saving time, a time I relish because I can work relatively late and still get home in time to walk the unlit trails nearby.

My wife, Peggy, was away and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity for exercise and fresh air. So, when there was a slight break in the weather, I grabbed my windbreaker, made sure there was an umbrella in the car, and rushed out to the South Creek Trail. It was misty and a little cold when I started off for a walk that lasted about an hour. In the recent days of early spring, there had been quite a number of people on the trail each night. But today, daunted by perceived inclement weather, they did not come. I had no company.

But the cool mist was refreshing, and the walk was exhilarating.

Their loss, I thought.

Walking in the cool mist along the stream reminded me of one of my favorite memories – cold, misty January mornings wading the American River in California, casting spinners for steelhead. It was never as uncomfortable as people thought it would be. I liked it as much for the solitude as for the fact that I love fishing and God’s great outdoors.

Fair-weather fishermen miss the best experiences. Their loss. Just like my walk that day. People miss a lot by assuming things are worse than they are. Inside. Watching television. When God has created a world full of natural wonders for our enjoyment. I’d rather be walking by a stream — even in drizzle.

I never did open the umbrella. A few minutes after I got home, the skies opened and it poured. Timed it just right. Could’ve missed a blessing, but didn’t.

— Ken Horn

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