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From the superintendent

Families under siege

If you haven’t heard about the MTV program The Osbournes, it is probable that you will before too long. "Reality television" like this is taking the nation by storm. In all likelihood, your children have already heard about it or seen it. According to the Associated Press, it is the most-watched show in MTV’s history.

Shock rocker Ozzy Osbourne is husband to Sharon and dad to Kelly and Jack on this program taped in their home. Osbourne is a guru of heavy metal and a former member of the band Black Sabbath. He is known for gruesome song titles like "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and "Face in Hell." Now he is becoming a new father figure of sorts for the rock culture.

Clips of the program that recently aired on network news were heavily edited due to the obscenities spewing from the Osbourne parents and children alike, supposedly dealing with "real-life issues" as a family.

Psychotherapist John Light summarized his analysis of the The Osbournes with this comment: "Ozzy is the Antichrist who’s trying to be a family guy ... . There’s an acceptance of darkness in our society, and this is the family that does it."

Satan is on a rampage against our families. The author of confusion and everything vile, he is throwing all that he can at the moral foundations of both the family unit and society in general. He wants people to be convinced that bad has become good, wrong has become right, and that dysfunctional has become normal. Sadly, the efforts of the enemy will become exponentially greater as we move toward the end of this age.

Let me offer you encouragement to pray that the efforts of the enemy against the family will be thwarted. Keep your family altar in place. Pray the word of God by choosing passages such as James 1 or Psalm 91 and place the names of family members into the Scriptures. Talk to your kids about what is appropriate television viewing. Direct them to alternative wholesome entertainment. Better yet, turn off the TV and spend quality time with your family.

As God-fearing people, let’s model Christlikeness in all that we say and do. We can prove a positive contrast to those who would espouse the values of The Osbournes. We can reflect love and grace to a lost and confused world.

– Thomas E. Trask

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