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Vantage point

An extraordinary MAPS RVer

It was 1991. Ken Parker and I were part of a group spending a week in Baja California fishing for billfish, dorado and tuna. We alternated the use of larger cruisers and a panga — a skiff that holds two fishermen and a guide.

One morning Ken and I took to the panga. Our guide, Geronimo, fearlessly navigated the small craft into prime marlin territory. But soon, a squall arose that drove us to race for shore. The rapidly moving storm caught us, slamming us repeatedly against the whitecaps, the threat of capsizing very real.

We prayed the whole way in and, of course, we made it. After that, I always introduced Ken as the man with whom I felt closest to God.

A few years back, Ken and his wife, Kathy, took to the road as MAPS RVers, pouring their time and energy into church projects. (Ken was a craftsman par excellence.)

We both faced death again this year — in the form of cancer. (Ken told me, “It looks like another panga ride.”) God intervened for me, and it looked like Ken was over the hump as well, when things turned … rapidly.

Not long ago, Kathy called and held the phone up to Ken’s ear while he lay comatose, and I said good-bye to my friend.

I don’t know why God chose to deliver one Ken and not the other. I do know that Ken’s example will challenge me all my life. All Ken wanted to do was build churches. When discussing selling some of his equipment, he told Kathy, “But if God heals me, I’ll need that to work on churches.”

Ken and Kathy’s MAPS RV calling card includes these words from Acts 20:24 (NIV): “I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me.” Ken has completed his task.

Instead of flowers, Kathy asked friends to send donations to the building fund of the church Ken was planning to work on. Even after death, Ken was still building.

I will think of Ken often, and every time I do, I will think of a great friend and Christian, who built churches and built up people. What a legacy.

— Ken Horn

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