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The wrong jersey

SPRINGFIELD, MO. — The annual California Bears vs. Stanford Cardinal football game is billed as “The Big Game.” The rivalry is marked by fan hysteria and student antics, such as using a massive slingshot to bomb the marching bands with water balloons. I attended my first California vs. Stanford game when I was 18. It was nearly my last.

A friend, Duane Williams, played for California and gave me a ticket that day to sit in the student section. Since I was a fan of both teams, I made the mistake of wearing Stanford colors. As I scaled the bleachers, hundreds of Cal students began chanting, “Take off that red shirt.” Two students grabbed me to “roll” me, or pass me hand-to-hand up the stands. Fortunately I broke free from the mob and, for my own safety, hastily tore off my jersey. The students cheered. I promptly found a vendor and bought a Cal T-shirt.

Spiritually speaking, many people today sport the wrong jersey. They have sworn their allegiance to the gods of this world — money, bands, teams, false religions and more. Tragically, if they should die without committing their lives to Jesus Christ, they will spend eternity in a terrible place known as hell. (See John 3:1-21.)

The football players featured in this edition of Today’s Pentecostal Evangel wear the right jersey — one that declares they belong to Jesus Christ. He is their Head Coach, Lord and Savior.

Gridiron stars like David Carr and Shaun Alexander know there’s a more important contest than The Big Game or Super Bowl, and there’s more at stake than trophies. There’s a battle being waged for your soul. Satan wants to destroy you. He wants you to wear his jersey. But God loves you so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die on a cross for your sins that you might experience the greatest trophy of all: the promise of eternal life.

If you want to switch jerseys and join Jesus’ huddle, follow the ABCs of salvation. In response we’ll send you a free booklet that will help you in your walk with Jesus.

— Hal Donaldson

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