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Focus on America

The curse and the cure

The curse of America is drug addiction. It has brought unbelievable pain to families of every race, culture and economic status. Every person in America has been adversely affected by drugs, either through crime-related costs or direct addiction of a family member. No community in the United States is exempt from the scourge of drugs. Why is the world’s most prosperous nation drowning under a flood of addiction? Why do we keep on drinking, smoking and shooting up even though we know it is killing us?

Our youth go from the funeral of one of their friends who died violently because of drugs or alcohol to the crack house — and there they repeat the process that killed their friend. Why will a mother, in violation of every God-given instinct, abandon her children and pay any price to satisfy the demon within? Why will a man leave family, friends, job, self-respect and everything that is decent and plunge into the pit of hopelessness and despair that drugs always bring?

The answer is simple. Sin is the problem and the only cure for sin is the blood of Jesus Christ. The answer is not found in government programs, education or social awareness even though these things can be a factor in recovery after the sin problem has been dealt with. Demonic powers in America are using these life-controlling substances to lead millions of people into bondage and darkness with no hope unless we, the church, step out of our comfort zones and reach out to these troubled people.

Teen Challenge is leading the way, but it cannot do the job alone. Teen Challenge does not have a secret formula nor can it work magic. It is a group of ordinary people who have been called of God to bring hope, help, deliverance and salvation through Jesus Christ to some of the world’s most hurting souls. These people go where Christians don’t normally go and reach out to people the church rarely sees. They tell hurting men and women, “We love you and God loves you. We have a place for you to live, with a clean bed, wholesome food and a plan that will restore your life.”

There is hope. Let’s spread the word. We have the answer.

— Charles Hackett

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