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Not by might nor by power: Compelling glimpses of each decade of the Pentecostal Evangel

Editor’s note: For 90 years, the Pentecostal Evangel has served the people of the Assemblies of God. Through the Roaring 20s, Great Depression, World War II, age of rock’n’ roll, the Jesus Movement, and more, the magazine has exalted the name of Jesus and advocated the Spirit-filled life. Hundreds of thousands have found Jesus and received the Spirit baptism through the ministry of this magazine.

1910s: The early role of the Pentecostal Evangel

1920s: Revival Reports

1930s: A World of news

1940s: World War II: Last-minute deliverance from execution

1950s: Revivaltime premiers on ABC

1960s: Missionary Tucker martyred in the Congo

1970s: Touching lives through Teen Challenge

1980s: Straight Talk

1990s: The Columbine High School shootings

2000s: 9/11

In this landmark issue, we celebrate 90 years of effective ministry by looking back at some of the articles that have graced the pages of the Pentecostal Evangel.

The early role of the Pentecostal Evangel
The Assemblies of God was organized in 1914, and from the beginning the
Pentecostal Evangel (then the Christian Evangel) became an essential tool to stabilize, inform, inspire and evangelize. By 1919, the leadership realized that they needed to reach more of the constituency. Editor E.N. Bell and General Superintendent J.W. Welch — often with “sanctified” blunt language — challenged subscribers to enlist others during the fall of 1919 at a special annual rate of only 50 cents (65 cents outside the United States).

We need 10,000 new subscribers
The good done during the past Council year (from September 1, 1918, to September 1, 1919) through the Christian Evangel
has been wonderful and blessed. If you could see all the good letters we have received telling of hearts strengthened, souls encouraged, spirits revived and blessed by the God-given messages which the dear brethren have sent us and which they have read in the Evangel — if you could see all this, you would take new courage, shout and praise God with us.

Then, too, over 200 faithful Pentecostal missionaries have had necessary help brought to them, help, in the natural, without which they could not have continued on the field — help brought them through the ministry of the Evangel in collecting and sending out to them about $63,500 free of all expense to them. Every dollar collected for them has gone forward; we do not even deduct the cost of postage and stationery. Brother Frodsham has been untiring in his office labors for the missionaries, and the Evangel has been the channel through which it was all done.

The work of the General Council would be a failure without this agency of the Christian Evangel. Many other things might be mentioned, but these are enough, to every worker for new effort in extending the subscription list of the Evangel.

5,000 new names wanted
We should have 10,000 new subscribers at once. We must have at least 5,000 in the next month or six weeks. There are easily double that many Pentecostal homes that have never had the Evangel
. Every one of these should be reached, and can be reached, if the various missions, assemblies and local workers will halfway do their duty and stand by this work of God as they ought.

God’s paper and your paper
This is not owned or run by individuals. If all the persons in the office backslide or die before the campaign is over, the brethren who hold the Evangel
in trust for God in your behalf could at once put in other editors, and it would go right on glorifying God. Not a person running the Evangel or the Publishing House has any financial stock in it, or any mortgage against it. It belongs to God and the Assemblies of God. You fail God and yourself if you do not push the Evangel. It belongs to your own religious household, and he that will not provide for his own, Paul says, is worse than an infidel. None of us want to be this; so we must, and I believe will, take hold, do some personal work and help in this great campaign now on.

— Editor E.N. Bell, September 20, 1919

“The Gospel Publishing House, with the Christian Evangel as the central feature of its work, is a strong factor in promoting the missionary interests.”

— General Chairman J.W. Welch, September 20, 1919

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