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Revival Reports

As we view the reasons for the growth of the Assemblies of God in the first two decades of its existence, we must not overlook evangelists and their revival meetings. They opened cities to the Pentecostal message and helped struggling storefront churches to grow and move from the wrong side of the tracks. The Pentecostal Evangel was an important element in assisting such outreaches as its revival reports blanketed the country.

1910s: The early role of the Pentecostal Evangel

1920s: Revival Reports

1930s: A World of news

1940s: World War II: Last-minute deliverance from execution

1950s: Revivaltime premiers on ABC

1960s: Missionary Tucker martyred in the Congo

1970s: Touching lives through Teen Challenge

1980s: Straight Talk

1990s: The Columbine High School shootings

2000s: 9/11

Victory in Sacramento
We have just closed a meeting with Evangelist P.C. Nelson and party, in which God blessed in a most precious way. Some 20 were saved, five baptized in the Spirit, and many were healed. … [Earlier] the Lord sent Sister Mae E. Frey to us. In this meeting 20 were saved and 18 received the baptism of the Spirit. So many nominal churches are seeing the glorious light of the full gospel and it does our hearts good to see them leaping the denominational fences and coming over where the clover is better.
— Paul H. Ralston and wife, Full Gospel Tabernacle [now Capital Christian Center]

A Pentecostal visitation
The Assembly of God [of] West Monroe, La., [has] just witnessed another great and wonderful outpouring of the precious Holy Ghost. Sunday night brought to a close a four weeks’ campaign under the ministry of Stephen van der Merwe, the South African evangelist. … Forty-five were filled with the blessed Holy Ghost. … Seven couples, men with their wives, heads of families, were saved and filled with the Spirit. We had baptizing on Sunday afternoon and baptized 31 in water.
— Pastor Elmer Tanner

Triumphs in Tulsa
The seven weeks’ campaign by the Richey Brothers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, closed Sunday. ... This is said by Mr. Richey and party to be the greatest revival he has ever held. The number of professed conversions is 10,400 — 9,000 healing cards were issued. Hundreds of people came from out of town, who did not have enough money to pay for lodging and meals for two or three days. Tulsa restaurants gave meal tickets for them free, and there were 1,115 fed in this way during the seven weeks. Individual contributions by citizens helped to meet this worthy need.

New Colorado assembly
On November 22 we organized a small assembly here [Grand Junction]. … Several have been saved and 12 have received the Baptism as in Acts 2:4. We expect to affiliate with the General Council.
— Secretary V.A. Hamilton

Power falls at Minneapolis
Began meetings here with Pastor Lindquist Sunday [January] 2. In both afternoon and night services the floor of the praying room was strewn with the slain of the Lord. Some fell off their seats under the power of God, and others could not stand on their feet but staggered and fell as waves of power and glory swept over them. … And the end is not yet.
— Evangelist E.J. Axup

Good results at Lancaster
We have closed a two weeks’ meeting with Brother and Sister Tommy Anderson, returned missionaries from Bolivia. God blessed in a marked way, and night after night sinners came to the altar for salvation. During the meetings 25 came forward for salvation and 12 received the baptism of the Spirit. … Twice Brother Anderson preached in the Scotch kilts and once he preached in prison garb.
— Pastor Vernon G. Gortner

New church in Indiana
Wilbur John Cox opened a mission at 711 North 2nd St., Vincennes, Ind., with a very few saints. God has been working since the beginning. They have just closed a precious revival meeting, 49 being saved, and six received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. They have 34 members, [and] a Young People’s Society with as high as 75 in attendance.
— District Superintendent Flem Van Meter

Old-time Pentecost in Fort Worth
M.M. Pinson gave the message yesterday. … It brought a breaking up, and people poured to the altar and a time of sobbing, praying, and deep soul work followed. … [At night] the power began to fall all over the house, and soon the altar was filled, and still they came amid sobs and cries. Some got saved and went out after their friends. … There was dancing, laughter, and singing in the Spirit, mingled with shouts. At 11 o’clock we left them still praising God.
— Missionary Mattie Ledbetter

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