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A world of news

During the Evangel’s history, news of current events and their impact on the church world has been one of the most popular features of the magazine. Today’s Pentecostal Evangel places its “PE Report” at the front of each issue for easy access. During the 1930s, “The Passing and the Permanent” (later “The Outlook and the Uplook”) found itself in different portions of the magazine from year to year, but served the same purpose.

1910s: The early role of the Pentecostal Evangel

1920s: Revival Reports

1930s: A World of news

1940s: World War II: Last-minute deliverance from execution

1950s: Revivaltime premiers on ABC

1960s: Missionary Tucker martyred in the Congo

1970s: Touching lives through Teen Challenge

1980s: Straight Talk

1990s: The Columbine High School shootings

2000s: 9/11

Without natural affection
This condition will be one of the signs of the last days (2 Timothy 3:3). Such an attitude toward parents is the direct result of the teachings of the Soviet government. According to Time, Soviet children are taught from the kindergarten up that good children spy upon their parents, grandparents, and old people generally. Such people, the state fears, may be anti-Communistic (that is, old fashioned). “When a grain collector came to a certain village, a 13-year-old child denounced his father for failure to cooperate with the government, screaming, ‘I demand that my father be severely punished.’ ”
— March 11, 1933

In the eyes of the world
An American reporter quoted in [the] November Reader’s Digest
, writing of Mr. Joe Louis, the destined world’s champion of pugilism, and who is reputed to be a great Bible reader and churchgoer, says:

“To date, the [man’s] behavior has been above reproach. But I simply cannot bring myself to believe that any man who in the ring is capable of showing the cruel, relentless, calculated ferocity that Louis shows, can, by the simple process of pulling off a pair of stuffed leather mittens, backing through the strands of rope and climbing from the ring to the floor, suddenly become a sweet and gentle character.”

Comments a writer in the Elim Evangel, “Evidently the world can’t see the two mixing together — the Bible and fighting, and neither can we.”
— March 21, 1936

Suffering with those that suffer
We learn from Revelation that “a day of fasting and prayer was proclaimed by the National Protestant Church of Switzerland for the persecuted believers in many lands who are today exiled to Siberia and to the Arctic wastes in Russia, put in labor camps and concentration camps in Germany, forbidden the right to worship in Spain and Mexico, and who are menaced in many other lands. It was announced that the day was a day of fasting so that all who fasted could realize how many were suffering from hunger.”
— July 25, 1936

A disillusioned communist
Don Enrique Matorras, former secretary general of the Communist Youth Organization of Spain, has returned to Christianity. “The more intensely I labored for the cause of communism the greater was my disillusionment,” he writes. “The private life of the functionaries, the agents of the Third International, of the higher ranking communists in general, was not without reproach. I saw with my own eyes that the liberation of the proletariat and the rights of the working class were of little concern to them. They were only looking out for themselves and their selfish interests.”
— February 27, 1937

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