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Editor’s journey


SPRINGFIELD, MO. — I remember a phone call I received from an angry reader shortly after becoming editor eight years ago. “You’re hearing from the devil,” he snapped. “You’re not listening to God.”

1910s: The early role of the Pentecostal Evangel

1920s: Revival Reports

1930s: A World of news

1940s: World War II: Last-minute deliverance from execution

1950s: Revivaltime premiers on ABC

1960s: Missionary Tucker martyred in the Congo

1970s: Touching lives through Teen Challenge

1980s: Straight Talk

1990s: The Columbine High School shootings

2000s: 9/11

Fighting the urge to hang up, I replied, “Can I ask you to pray for us? I promise we’ll continue to take time each week to hear from God and do our best to follow His leading — but, with all due respect, I’m afraid if we do what the Holy Spirit tells us to do, you still may not be happy with us.”

He promptly hung up on me.

Needless to say, early on I discovered this job required thick skin.

God’s blessing has rested on this magazine for 90 years, in part, because it has demonstrated the courage to follow the leading of the Spirit and address difficult issues. Despite downward turns in the economy and trends toward electronic communication, the magazine’s circulation has remained strong.

As an editorial staff, on this 90th anniversary we renew our pledge to deal with issues important to readers and this church. God birthed the Pentecostal Evangel to be a courageous voice — not a publication that allows the fear of criticism or the need for applause to shape its editorial content.

Each week when we gather as a staff to pray for the ministry of this magazine and seek God’s help, we reaffirm that the Pentecostal Evangel belongs to God. He is the Publisher. Our job, like the editors and staff members before us, is to follow His guidance. Our prayer is that we will draw closer to God and hear His voice so these pages will continue to reflect His heart and deliver a timely message to His people.

In the last six years, since we began running a salvation coupon and offering a discipleship booklet, more than 10,000 people have indicated a decision to follow Christ. And many others have written to say they have found help and hope through these pages. On this 90th anniversary we say, “May God receive all the glory.”

— Hal Donaldson

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