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Editor’s journey

The earthquake game

SAN FRANCISCO — October 17, 1989. Millions gathered around their television sets to watch Game 3 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics. I was seated with three friends in the upper deck of Candlestick Park, awaiting the celebrated first pitch.

The crowd noise was deafening as players took their final warm-ups. Then, at 5:04 p.m., an eerie hush followed by terrifying shrieks swept across the ballpark. The Bay Area was experiencing its most devastating earthquake since 1906. The infield turf rippled. Light standards swayed like palm trees. Chairs teetered. Cement walls tilted.

When the chaos subsided, thousands cheered in unison like thrill-seekers surviving a brush with death. But, moments later, we learned the gravity of the situation. The 7.1 earthquake had toppled buildings, damaged bridges and taken many lives.

Baseball was put in proper perspective that night. The game was postponed, and 60,000 fans were reminded that there are more important matters in life than the outcome of a World Series.

In this edition of Today’s Pentecostal Evangel, NFL stars like Peter Boulware, Mark Brunell and James Thrash reveal what they treasure far more than winning a Super Bowl or reaching the Hall of Fame. They have a relationship with Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life. They know firsthand that there’s more to life than sports.

Perhaps you’ve watched athletes declare their love for Jesus on national television and you’ve wondered if you should pursue your own relationship with Him. After reading this magazine, you will face the most important decision of your life — to accept or reject Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Do not procrastinate or wait for a more convenient time. That time is now.

With the suddenness of an earthquake, your life can end. And, at that moment, all that matters is whether you decided to follow Jesus Christ. It won’t matter what football team you followed or what jersey you donned on Sunday afternoons. Your home for eternity — heaven or hell — will be determined by your decision to accept or reject Jesus Christ.

Let me encourage you to take the same step many NFL stars have taken. Invite Jesus into your life and receive His promise of heaven by following the ABCs of salvation.

Be assured, with Jesus calling the signals of your life, victory is guaranteed.

— Hal Donaldson

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