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Vantage point

Key bearers are building the Kingdom

After finishing his meal, an inmate in a state prison is dropping trash in a garbage can when a page of a discarded magazine catches his eye. He fishes the magazine out and finds himself strangely interested in the words.

Taking the magazine back to his cell, he continues reading until near the end he finds a short section titled “ABCs of Salvation.” Convinced of the truth of what he has read, he follows the steps and becomes a believer in Jesus Christ.

Next he fills out the accompanying coupon and sends it in. It says, “I recently made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. Please send me a free booklet on the Christian life.”

He receives the information and begins attending the prison’s chapel services. He grows in the Lord and becomes a model prisoner.

This really happened. The magazine was a Pentecostal Evangel that had found its way into his prison through the Key Bearers program, a joint effort of Light for the Lost and Today’s Pentecostal Evangel.

Since the start of the partnership in 1996, nearly 4.1 million Evangels have gone into prisons. Some 6,000 inmates have sent coupons to our office and received follow-up material.

One inmate in solitary confinement repeatedly refused the Evangels offered by an A/G chaplain. In a fit of anger, he finally took one and threw it across his cell. That’s where it lay for several days. Then one day he picked it up and read it.

When the chaplain next came around, the man was ready to talk about Christ. Eventually, the chaplain led him in the sinner’s prayer. As the inmate repeated the words of that prayer, several voices joined in. Others in solitary had been listening to the chaplain’s counsel about Christ, and now they too were praying the sinner’s prayer.

This is a white harvest field crying out for our attention. Key Bearers is reaching some of the darkest places in America and souls are being saved. Perhaps God is calling you to be a Key Bearer. Every dollar you give will send four magazines to men and women behind bars.

Pray about what you can give to send this magazine into this ripe and needy harvest field.

Ken Horn

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