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After 15 years of rocking, Christian band Audio Adrenaline is saying goodbye later this year with its final release, Adios. TPE’s Christina Quick recently caught up with bass player Will McGinniss to talk about life, faith and other important stuff.

Christina Quick: You guys have been together for a decade and a half. Have there been some funny and memorable moments on the road?

Will McGinniss: Every show is pretty hilarious when you’re behind the scenes and see the crazy things that happen. Our drummer Ben is the craziest person out here. He’s always got a cup of water sitting on top of the dressing room door and when you open it, it falls down on your head.

I’ve missed a couple of shows just because I was camping and didn’t realize it was an early show. Come 4 in the afternoon, the show’s supposed to start and I’m asleep in my tent and the policeman comes bailing into the campground on a PA going, “I’m looking for the bass player of Audio Adrenaline. The show is supposed to start and he’s not there.”

CQ: You like to camp a lot?

WM: Yeah, I love outdoor things like camping, snowboarding, mountain biking and all that kind of stuff.

CQ:  How have the crowds at your concerts changed over the years?

WM: It seems like with every album we’ve gotten a different crowd. Some of the older fans have stayed with us, but I think we’ve gotten a new and younger following too with each new release.

CQ:  What’s unique about this generation of young people?

WM: Spiritually they’re really open right now. There was a time when the door was kind of closed and it was uncool to speak about God and spiritual things. Now in light of 9/11 and wars and terror attacks, people are a lot more open to hearing about God.

I think today’s kids are smarter than people give them credit for. All the way from spiritual matters to the way they like to express themselves in art, they really are about deeper things. They want to know why they’re here and what their purpose is.

CQ:  How would you encourage today’s Christian teens to be bold in their faith?

WM: First I would say that a young person who is going to be bold has to know where they come from. The whole thing with grace and God and all that stuff is a little confusing, but it can be simplified this way: Before God created the world, He knew us and He looked ahead and saw that we were going to mess up and be sinful. But He made us anyway because He loves us so much.

One of the things that a young person has to know is how dearly loved and special they are. They were made in the image of God and He knows the number of hairs on their head. That legitimizes them and gives them purpose, a reason for living. It gives them confidence to walk day to day and be an individual rather than a follower of trends and cliques.

I would encourage young people to really know God, their Abba Father, their Daddy, their Maker. He has an amazing destiny for them if they will just follow His lead and allow Him to work through them.

CQ: How did you come to know Christ?

WM: I grew up in a broken home. I went to church a lot with my grandparents, but it never became real until the 10th grade when my cousin invited me to youth group. I had turned him down a bunch of times and I thought I’ll go once and get him off my back. I went and experienced a love that I’d never experienced before, that Abba Father love for me that the world couldn’t touch.

All of the things that the world had to offer seemed to go away in the morning or leave me high and dry when I was in trouble. Then I found this God who loved me in spite of myself and my ugliness and whether I was cool or fit in. That made all the difference for me.

CQ: How do you develop a passion for sharing that truth with others?

WM: You have to realize your own state apart from God. When you understand how helpless you are without God it kind of brings you to a place of being so thankful for what He did. And then you realize there are other people walking around in the same place. They’re broken and hurting and lost, and it breaks your heart.

I just pray that God will continue to keep my heart soft so that when I see people, He will well up a care and concern and deep-felt hurt for those who don’t know Him and aren’t living with His grace and help.

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