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70 minutes


KANSAS CITY, MO. — When we arrived at a restaurant without dinner reservations, we knew it could be a long wait. Unseated patrons were spilling onto the sidewalk. Hungry and in a hurry, we approached the hostess with the question she had heard a hundred times: “How long is the wait?”

“At least 70 minutes,” she replied with a smile.

With a friendly roll of our eyes, we debated whether to add our names to the guest list. A quick bite at the McDonald’s down the street was suddenly very appealing.

Then, for some unknown reason, the hostess said, “Let me just seat you right now.”

She escorted us to an elevator and up to a semiprivate room. That night Donald Trump couldn’t have had it any better: cotton tablecloths, crystal goblets, posh decorations and a reasonably priced meal.

Within minutes of our arrival we were feasting on fresh bread and sipping iced tea. I felt a little guilty knowing dozens of patrons were still waiting outside.

Later that night it occurred to me that millions around the world are waiting much longer than 70 minutes for their next meal. In fact, many wait days. Consequently thousands of children die each day because food is beyond their reach.

Most of us have the opportunity to dine whenever we want. We have the freedom to choose from a restaurant’s menu or to rummage through stocked cupboards. But millions of men, women and children do not have that privilege. Instead they live on the edge of starvation. With their hands outstretched they are “outside” waiting, in essence begging for the crumbs from our table.

Today is Assemblies of God World Hunger Day. Through our offering, we have an opportunity to give more than a few morsels of food. In the spirit of Luke 14:12-14, we can throw a feast for desperate families that will meet their physical and spiritual needs. Our offering will empower missionaries and compassion workers to introduce suffering people around the world to the love of Jesus Christ. To learn more about how you can provide meals to hungry families, go to

Hal Donaldson

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