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Holy Spirit power


I received a letter from a young man who desperately wanted to see his sister saved. So he witnessed to her forcefully and often — until his sister became hostile and wanted nothing more to do with him. Despite his righteous motive, he had just made matters worse.

Shortly after the breakup he found himself visiting an Assemblies of God church — his first experience with Pentecostalism. Here, he told me, he was “baptized in the Holy Ghost.” The results? “I started praying instead of preaching to my sister ... and God saved her and now she is filled with the Holy Ghost and goes to the same church as I do.”

There is no limit to what the Holy Spirit can do. My dad is another great example.

Like his brothers, Dad had picked up the smoking habit at a young age. Letters from my mother to him during their courtship included her requests that he give up the habit. But it didn’t happen. Even after Dad became a committed Christian, he continued to smoke. He tried to stop many times, but always reverted. Tobacco had a grip on him that he couldn’t break.

Then, when I was studying for the ministry at Bethany University in Scotts Valley, Calif., I got a call from my dad.

“Son,” he told me, “I was baptized [in the Holy Spirit] last night.”

Two of the things that happened because of this: (1) My dad became a board member for most of the rest of his life, and (2) he was completely delivered of his bondage to tobacco. What pious efforts from a good Christian couldn’t do, the fullness that came from God’s Holy Spirit accomplished.

The fullness of the Holy Spirit does not make Christian “A” better than Christian “B.” But it does make Christian “A” stronger than he or she was before … enabled by the Holy Spirit’s power to do things not remotely possible in human strength. What challenges have you stifled? Perhaps your answer will be found in seeking the fullness of God’s wonderful Holy Spirit.

Ken Horn

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