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Vantage point

Crisis of faith


Should Mother Teresa’s secret and lengthy crisis of faith, recently revealed, cause widespread Christian disillusionment? Should it spawn an epidemic of doubt among believers?

No way. Here’s why.

Let’s lay aside the differences between Catholic and Protestant theology, though they can be significant. Christians of all stripes are at risk for battles of faith. There is hope if you are going through your own.

It is not difficult to find historical accounts of great women and men of God who have faced “the dark night of the soul.” It is not surprising then when you or I go through such times. After all, though a person is born again, he or she is still human … and our natural tendency does not incline to easily sense God’s presence. But then, the Christian life is not about what we feel.

I went through my own period of deep depression when I became ill while ministering in Eastern Europe and had to return home, devoid of ministry. I was ill for four years and unable to sense God during much of that time. I relied on the prayers of others during this time when it was difficult to pray for myself.

I never lost my faith, but I could not feel God’s presence. I remember the very moment I felt a crack in the darkness. The light did not come flooding in, but it did come filtering in slowly.

Gradually my communion with God was restored. But God called upon me to take a step of faith, to accept a pastorate before I felt physically capable. This only increased my dependence on God. And God broke through.

Not everyone will face a crisis of faith, but it is not unusual if you do. Persist in your knowledge of God’s love. Seek the support of your most-trusted Christian friends. Continue to trust Him, even though you don’t feel Him. This may be the greatest act of faith.

God will break through.

Ken Horn

4876 - 10/21/07

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