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Unique financial solutions

Faith-based programs help churches and individuals to invest money wisely

Increasingly churches and individuals want to invest their resources with stable financial institutions that offer a great return and further the gospel. Thus, many have entrusted their resources to AG Financial Solutions.

(AGFS), AG Financial Solutions, was established more than a decade ago to provide investment and lending strategies to assist Assemblies of God ministers, churches and others within the Fellowship.

The Springfield, Mo.-based financial institution continues to flourish. Today, AGFS serves more than 55,000 active clients including 17,000 loan certificate holders and a church loan pool of more than $1.6 billion.

“AGFS has served our churches and laity very well, far exceeding expectations and multiplying God’s resources to further His kingdom,” says George O. Wood, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God. “God has brought together individuals whose combined skills and experiences serve to provide our clients and customers with products and services that are extremely competitive in the marketplace.”

Ministry is at the core of AGFS’ mission, says Gerry Hindy, chief executive officer of AGFS. “One of our main objectives is to help churches and ministries be more effective in reaching people for Christ.”

AGFS has become a leader in helping individuals gain a good and stable return on their investments. By placing their investments with AGFS they are also investing in AG efforts such as church planting. And through faith-based screened investing, AGFS helps ensure investors connect with companies that have met AGFS’ stringent thresholds regarding accountability, ethics and morals.

Due to recent corporate and banking scandals, no longer can investors assume their resources are safer in larger, more established Wall Street firms. Increasingly believers are finding comfort and satisfaction by investing with institutions governed by biblical principles and spiritual purposes.

“In an era of financial scandal and a lack of accountability, AGFS is fully accountable to its board, the General Presbytery and Executive Presbytery,” says Thomas E. Trask, chairman of the board of AGFS. “All investments, loan policies, and activities are closely monitored by a Christian board of directors committed to biblical integrity and stewardship.”

As one of the nation’s leading mortgage originators to churches and other ministries, AGFS has regional consultants who work with pastors looking to upgrade existing facilities to enhance their church’s ministry. AGFS Loan Solutions provides capital for land acquisition, new church construction, renovation, and expansion. Some churches have benefited from capital campaign bridge loans, which advance funds based on what church members have pledged. Capital campaign advisers are also available to assist a church in reducing its debt load.

Moody’s Investors Services, in its recent review, lauded AGFS for its good mortgage loan underwriting standards. Currently, the institution has loans to 1,900 congregations, as well as AG universities and colleges.

AGFS offers other resources to churches, including property, casualty, and individual life insurance, as well as donor advised funds and endowments that establish perpetual income streams for annual giving to ministries.

Investment options include AG Loan Fund Certificates, which give a competitive interest rate while advancing the kingdom of God. In fact, a number of national ministries, including Light for the Lost and AG Family Services Agency, receive funds as a result of planned giving programs established through AG Financial Solutions.

“We want to earn more talents or resources for the Kingdom, rather than bury them in the ground,” says Jim Batten, chief operations officer for AGFS. “We want to be recognized as offering a one-stop financial solution for both the minister and the laity of this Fellowship.

“As more people hear about our commitment to their financial success, our expertise, our vast array of services, and our passion to spread the gospel,” Batten says, “they are recognizing AGFS as a valuable partner. They see that we offer financial solutions while empowering them to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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