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Teamwork in the streets: Part 2
Kevin and Karen Prevost

By Charity Sites

One of the 10 percent

Karen Prevost grew up in a Lutheran home. She gave her life to Christ while in junior high after hearing a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member share the gospel. She quickly got involved with Campus Crusade, and her walk with the Lord grew.

While attending a conference in high school, she was called to missions. The conference speaker shared that the United States had 10 percent of the world’s population, but 90 percent of all full-time Christian workers.

“The Lord really put that on my heart,” Karen says. “I always wanted to go into full-time Christian work, but I wanted to be one of the 10 percent that went overseas.”

She went on to attend the University of Minnesota and majored in education with a minor in Spanish, not knowing that she would one day teach in a Spanish-speaking country. She also became involved with a Chi Alpha group led by Jim Bradford (now pastor of Central Assembly of God in Springfield, Missouri). It was there she met her husband, Kevin.

Starting out

Soon after they married, the Prevosts were appointed to a two-year missions assignment to Spain. After a semester of language school in Costa Rica, they settled in Barcelona, Spain, and immersed themselves in the culture. Their work involved assisting in church planting and tent crusades.

“We did whatever we could, just to see what the ministry was like,” Karen says.

After two years, the Prevosts asked national church leaders where they were needed most. A congregation in Ronda, a city in southern Spain, was asking for a pastor, so Kevin and Karen took the position. They soon added youth and street outreaches to their ministry.

After four years in Ronda, they gave responsibility for the church to a national pastor and moved to Alcoy to plant a church. God blessed their work, and nine years later they left a healthy congregation to follow God’s call to Madrid.

A Christian school in the Madrid area filled two needs for the Prevosts: It provided a place for their children to receive a quality education and gave Karen an opportunity to use her background in education.

“I’d been considering volunteering to teach there,” she says. “When the school sent us an e-mail about their need for teachers, it just confirmed to us that we needed to go to Madrid.”

Karen has been teaching English part-time for two and a half years. “I see it as a real ministry — pouring into the lives of students not only academically, but also spiritually,” she says.

Soon God opened even more doors and placed Kevin and Karen on a new path.

Kilometer Zero

Working with missionaries Jacob and Julie Bock, Kevin and Karen are part of an intense street ministry initiative called Kilometer Zero. This outreach ministers at least five days a week on the streets of Madrid and includes people from about 25 churches. On the main plaza of the city, believers share Christ and help connect the lost with a local church.

“God has always tied himself to His people,” Kevin says. “If we don’t go, God doesn’t show up. Nothing’s going to happen. He works with His people.”

Through the dedication and prayer of Kevin, Karen and other believers, God is moving in the streets of Madrid.

“One of the things we always pray for is divine encounters,” Kevin says, “and we always have them.”

One day after the gospel was presented on the street, Karen approached Mina, a young woman from Finland. At first, Mina told Karen that she was a Christian — a common response among nominal believers. When Karen asked if she would she go to heaven when she died, Mina replied, “Yes, I think I would.”

Then, after a long silence, Karen saw the Holy Spirit’s conviction fall on Mina like a heavy blanket. “I try to do what’s right,” Mina said, weeping, “but I don’t know if it’s enough.” She knew in that moment that she needed to repent of the things she had done to offend God.

That day on the street, Mina gave her heart to the Lord.

“There was such a sense of relief and joy on her face afterward,” Karen recalls. Mina left Madrid the next day a changed person. Her story is just one of many testimonies that can be told through Kilometer Zero’s outreach.

Changed lives

The Prevosts believe that their years of pastoring and church planting helped prepare them for their work with Kilometer Zero.

While pastoring in Ronda years ago, after unfruitful conversations with several Spaniards, Kevin asked God to show him how he could be more effective in evangelism. The Lord impressed on him the truth of John 16:8, that when the Holy Spirit comes, He “will convict the world concerning sin, and righteousness, and judgment” (NASB).

Kevin sensed God was directing him to share the truth and let the Holy Spirit move upon hearts.

“God taught us a lot about how to evangelize effectively using the Ten Commandments to show people their need for a Savior,” Karen says. These principles have become the basis for evangelism at Kilometer Zero, and many people have come to Jesus as a result.

Street ministry is not always easy, but the Prevosts have this philosophy: Find out what God wants you to do and get involved in it, instead of trying to make something work by your own effort. Kevin and Karen have found that people — especially youth — in Spain are very open to talk and listen.

The ministry of Kilometer Zero has given new life to a lot of people, both Christians and the unchurched.

“It’s like a breath of fresh air,” Kevin says. “Christians who come have experienced dramatic change too. Their personal evangelism efforts have become much more effective.”

Team members may represent different churches and backgrounds, but they are one in heart and purpose. Their focus is to share the gospel with people on the streets of Madrid.

“If everybody started to evangelize, giving the Holy Spirit something to use, we’d see a big change,” Kevin says. “Being a Christian loses a lot of its purpose unless you’re involved in reaching the lost.”

Charity Sites is a missionary associate with AG World Missions Communications.

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