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Simple plan

All things are possible ... with God


On this side of eternity I will never know if God supernaturally touched my then 2-month-old daughter. But here are some facts to ponder.

While my wife, Janna, nursed Kianna on a flight from Norfolk, Va., to Dallas, she peeked under Kianna’s blanket and found her not breathing, unresponsive and with dark blue rings circling her mouth and eyes — which were rolled back in her head. How long she had been like that is anyone’s guess.

On my knees in the aisle I tried to clear Kianna’s airway. A flight attendant joined me and gave Kianna mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. In between breaths she yelled for a doctor.

A man sprinted up the aisle and announced he was a flight surgeon in the Air Force. Soon after, Kianna coughed up milk and began to breathe on her own. Her skin color returned to normal, and we cried with thanks.

But as the minutes ticked by, the doctor grew concerned. Kianna was lethargic. More than a half hour later she remained unresponsive to his tests.

Janna began to sob. I angrily paced back and forth in the galley.

The flight attendant grabbed my arms. “Calm down!” she barked. “I am a Christian, and God told me your daughter is going to be OK.”

Within minutes of that one-sided conversation, Kianna came to.

In Dallas, paramedics ushered us into the terminal where they ran more tests on Kianna. They said she appeared fine, and we could fly on to California. Later that day, tests at a doctor’s office confirmed Kianna was indeed fine.

In the following days, we couldn’t help but wonder how long Kianna had gone without oxygen or even if she had actually died.

Did God heal her or even bring her back to life?

We’ll never know. But we have no evidence that He didn’t. We do, however, have an active 11-year-old girl today. On that flight the very least God did was protect Kianna. And who knows, He might have even miraculously healed her.

Either way, I am convinced that all things are possible with Him — even the healing of a boy like the one you will read about in this edition.

Kirk Noonan

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