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5 core values

4. To skillfully resource our constituency

Tools for 21st-Century Ministries

By Wes Bartel

The military term logistics describes the vital task of getting supplies to troops in the field. Without effective logistical support, our troops can easily become casualties and the cause for which they are fighting can be lost. Those who are on the front lines of battle are only as effective as the resources with which they are provided.

NATO has established five important principles of logistics: foresight, economy, flexibility, simplicity and cooperation. These attributes are absolutely essential to the success of today’s military efforts; they are also essential to the success of the Church’s efforts to fulfill the Great Commission.

Foresight helps followers of Christ identify issues and needs on the horizon in society at large. Economy is best described in a church context as stewardship of the resources God gives. The believer who is flexible in ministry is prepared to follow new directions and priorities at the leading of the Holy Spirit. The gospel has always been communicated most effectively when its truths are shared with simplicity. And there should be no lack of cooperation within the body of Christ.

The Assemblies of God is committed to providing effective resources to meet the need of today’s church and equip it for effective ministry. Over the past several years many new and innovative ministry aids and initiatives have been developed to assist every church in the fulfillment of its important commission.

The Church Multiplication Network

In the last three years, Assemblies of God pastors have started more than 750 new churches. The Church Multiplication Network is an innovative ministry that helps to equip, strategically fund and innovatively network a church planting team (

The National Prayer Center

The National Prayer Center provides a unique prayer ministry linking hurting people with compassionate prayer volunteers through 1-800-4PRAYER. The NPC also provides online resources to help people to learn how to pray more effectively (

Gospel Publishing House

GPH has historically functioned as the primary resource provider for Assemblies of God churches. Several recently produced resources are helping to meet changing discipleship needs within the church. 360 Degree Disciples is a new book addressing the need for effective discipleship within the church. Faith Case is a new DVD-based study for kids that covers the doctrines of the church. Other children’s ministry tools include MEGA Sports Camp (a fun sports-themed day camp that helps churches connect with neighborhood kids) and Hi Point (a character-building discipleship resource). Secrets, a DVD-based group study, is a recently released resource for women’s ministry. And a longstanding GPH resource is Radiant Life Curriculum, which provides cutting-edge Sunday School curriculum for every age group.

The Church Multiplication Network, National Prayer Center and Gospel Publishing House continue to come alongside the national departments in the Assemblies of God to offer valuable tools and products to AG churches with the goal of maximizing each church’s ministry.

The task is vital. Every AG national ministry shares the call to “skillfully resource our constituency” and make sure the logistical needs of our churches are met.

WES BARTEL is the director of Discipleship Ministries for the Assemblies of God.

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