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Sudden impact

Have you ever been blindsided or hit so hard that you were physically, emotionally or spiritually sore for a week?

We all have, whether we were clobbered by a bigger player on the field during a high school football game or clipped by one of life’s many tragedies or challenges.

Getting hit is part of life. But so is pulling ourselves up, with God’s help, after we’ve been knocked down.

In this special Super Bowl edition you’ll meet professional football players — such as Trent Dilfer, Kurt Warner and Michael Irvin — who have taken some of the NFL’s and life’s fiercest hits.

They know what it means to be knocked down on and off the field. But each of them also knows what it takes to get up and move on with life.

As you read the pages of this magazine you’ll realize that sheer determination will only get you so far. To make it through this life and to be able to recover from the most punishing blows it offers, you also need a Teammate who will always be there for you no matter what the circumstance — His name is Jesus. Read on and find out how He can have a sudden impact on your life.

Kirk Noonan

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