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Vantage point

Wife appreciation

Guys, we need to appreciate our wives. My own sense of appreciation was heightened a few years ago when Peggy had major surgery.

It was finally my chance to shine in the kitchen. My first meal, I learned several interesting things. Like what dry spaghetti smells like when dropped into an electric stove burner. I tried to tell Peggy, “You’ve just had surgery, don’t get so excited.” Somewhere I had heard that to see if your spaghetti is ready, you throw it against the wall — if it sticks, it’s ready. Why so excited just because I have such a keen sense of recollection?

After cooking, I carefully drained the spaghetti (that which wasn’t on the wall). Have you ever wondered why those drainers cover less than half of the pot? Lots of room for slithering strings to escape en masse. I was proud of myself when I failed to mention the first time Peggy made spaghetti after we were married. (To rectify that I’ll mention it now.) She, not being as adept then at the culinary arts as today, poured our entire meager meal down the garbage disposal. She seemed horrified when I made the sound theological point that good stewardship would demand we rescue what we could.

During her recovery, I also had to learn the locations of certain things. When I asked about the breadboard, Peggy said, “It’s to the right of the stove.” I made several vain attempts to pull out what turned out to be the molding along the top of the drain board.

Time to add the oil — she told me to add a drop. It wouldn’t come out of the plastic bottle. She said you have to squeeze it. I did and we later enjoyed a bit more than a drop of oil in our pasta. She didn’t say squeeze it gently. She just said squeeze it, so I squeezed it. A lesson I taught her: One should always be very specific when giving cooking directions.

I have appreciated Peggy’s multifaceted gifts more since that time. Husbands, don’t forget to express your appreciation to your wife … frequently. It’s a wonderful thing to be blessed with a godly wife … and we need to let them know that, often.

Ken Horn

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