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Editor’s journey

The other side of pain

SPRINGFIELD, MO — For many of my friends 2004 was a difficult year. I heard one story after another detailing physical problems, financial challenges and broken relationships.

In response, I said, “This has been a trying year for me too, but hopefully this season will soon pass and we’ll find ourselves on the other side of pain.” That’s not a principle I gleaned from a self-help book; it’s based on promises from God’s Word.

Perhaps you are going through a difficult time as well, and questions and doubts have nipped at your faith and threatened your joy. If so, rest assured God is not the source of your pain; nor is He the author of injustice. He is your deliverer — the One who hears and answers your prayer and helps you escape the snares of the evil one.

Take a moment right now to open your Bible and read the following verses. As you do, invite the Holy Spirit to give you strength and encouragement to face the challenges entrusted to you for a season:

• Job 36:7,15

• Psalm 72:12-14

• Psalm 119:169-176

• Proverbs 2:7,8

• Isaiah 43:1,2

• Jeremiah 29:11

• John 16:33

• Philippians 4:13

• James 1:2-4

• 1 Peter 2:18-21

• 1 Peter 4:19

• 1 John 5:3-5

God knows when you are weary and feel like giving up. But, in those times of despair He whispers in your ear, “Press on, fear not, I am with you. Trust Me and know that I have plans to give you hope and a victorious future.”

Hal Donaldson

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