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Vantage point

The people we reach

Butch* is in for 30 years to life for violent crime. He spent a lot of time in solitary lock-up.

William is a white-collar criminal who embezzled substantial amounts of money. He’s a model prisoner.

Laura had her children taken away from her because she was deemed an unfit mother. She had relationships with numerous men that often left her battered. She was eventually imprisoned for cooking meth in her home.

“Preacher” pastored a large inner-city church and somehow became dependent on drugs for the highs he needed to sustain his incredible pace.

What do these four individuals have in common (aside from prison terms)? They are four very real people whose lives have been impacted by reading Today’s Pentecostal Evangel in prison. All are serving the Lord behind bars.

Butch doesn’t spend time in solitary any more. Surrendering his life to Christ resulted in several other inmates giving their lives to the Lord.

It was harder for William to commit to Christ. After all, his crime seemed less serious and he was a “nice person.” But in his time of need God spoke to him and transformed him spiritually.

The changes in Laura have been remarkable. She shouts, “Praise the Lord” at the drop of a hat. She’s even on the chapel praise team. Best of all, her girls have started writing to her again after a long period of no communication.

And “Preacher” is back on track and is making a major impact on lives all around him. Many men seek him out for prayer and counsel.

These are just a handful of examples of literally thousands of inmates whose lives God has transformed. Part of their transformation process involved reading Today’s Pentecostal Evangel provided by the Key Bearers program of Light for the Lost.

By becoming a Key Bearer, you can have a part in reaching people like these with a life-transforming message. Please click the Key Bearers button on the left of this page.

*All names have been changed.

Ken Horn

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