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Vantage point

God knows your name


I never encountered another Ken Horn until we moved to Missouri. In a small town, I saw a sheet metal building emblazoned with large, faded letters: “Kenneth Horn Welding.” I’ve encountered a number of other Ken Horns since then.

Recently an old California classmate showed me the mini-yearbook from our latest high school reunion. Leafing through the pages, I recognized more names than faces. I never would have known him, I thought many times. But then came the supreme surprise. One of the girls from my class was shown with her husband. She had actually married some guy named Ken Horn!

Soon I realized a complication from this unwanted coincidence. If I couldn’t recognize some of my old classmates, I wondered if some might actually think this guy was me! And worse, what if he was a bartender or owned a tobacco shop?

My imagination raced. People sitting around looking at the mini-yearbook. “That’s Ken Horn?” someone queries. “Sure doesn’t look like him,” another responds. “People change.”

“You know, I talked to him. He’s a bartender.”

“What?” another chirps. “That guy was always talking to us about church and stuff. So that’s how he turned out.”

Now here I am in Missouri, visualizing all these former classmates, some of whom I witnessed to, thinking that time has really changed ol’ Ken — in more ways than one.

There’s only one way to set the record straight — I need to go to the next reunion and clear my name.

I wouldn’t mind too much if an old chum drove past the rural Missouri sign: “Ken Horn became a welder. Huh! He sure wasn’t any good at metal shop. But people change.”

But what about all those people I invited to church, the ones who haven’t made it there yet? I can see them now, bellying up to the bar. “You know, Ken Horn’s a bartender now.”

“You don’t say. I never would’ve guessed it.”

“Neither would I. But people change.”

God won’t make such a mistake; He knows everything about you. “The solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: ‘The Lord knows those who are His’” (2 Timothy 2:19, NKJV).

Ken Horn

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