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2001 Conversations

The Holy Spirit knocks

(September 15, 2002)

M. Wayne Benson became president of Central Bible College in June 2002. He had served 25 years as senior pastor of First Assembly of God in Grand Rapids, Mich., during which the congregation grew from 250 to more than 5,000 constituents. Following this, Wayne and his wife, Kathy, launched Paraclete Ministries, which is now under CBC’s Center for Lifelong Learning. Benson recently met with Ken Horn, managing editor of Today’s Pentecostal Evangel.

EVANGEL: What path brought you to the presidency of Central Bible College?

BENSON: Pastoring Grand Rapids First Assembly was a delight. Kathy and I were blessed to minister through wonderful periods of growth, probably most notably a four-year period of revival in which many thousands of people were touched for the kingdom. I think God was preparing me by cultivating a natural, God-given instinct towards shaping lives. In my 25 years of ministry there, we were privileged to see 357 people (including MKs and PKs) from First Assembly go into the fields of harvest. Today they are all over the world serving as missionaries, youth pastors, ministers of music and in various other ministry avenues.

When we left Grand Rapids First, we began Paraclete Ministries – descriptive of the Holy Spirit, One who comes alongside to help – and for one year we were in 13 nations and 15 states coming alongside ministers and missionaries. We were "helping the brethren." Then I received a telephone call from the chairman of the CBC board. He informed me that I was being considered for the presidency at CBC. The Holy Spirit began awakening me to pray, and I knew that the Lord was talking to me about CBC. So, "helping the brethren" has come of age and the vision has found a new address at Central Bible College.

EVANGEL: Are there other areas of your background you see benefiting your new role?

BENSON: For years I’ve enjoyed the privilege of speaking to ministers at councils and conferences. I love empowering leaders to do the work of the Lord. I also love influencing young people for the Kingdom. I just enjoy hanging around kids who have a passion for God. They are exciting for me.

EVANGEL: What is God doing at CBC?

BENSON: That is one of the most exciting questions you could ask. From the day I was elected I began to pray for a campus-wide spiritual renewal. We have made a commitment on this campus that when the Holy Spirit knocks on this door, we are going to answer. That’s what makes our chapels so powerful. We find the altars filled almost every chapel service with students who are hungry and passionate for God.

EVANGEL: Who can benefit from studying at CBC?

BENSON: Anyone called to vocational ministry is a candidate for CBC. Those who want to be pastors, associate pastors, youth pastors, children’s pastors and missionaries are the obvious candidates for CBC. But there are also those who just know God has touched their heart. Their call hasn’t been fully defined yet but they know they want to extend themselves in Bible and theological education.

EVANGEL: Describe your vision for supporting CBC graduates in ministry.

BENSON: My vision is that CBC become an international resource center for the ongoing development of ministers. I would love to see the day when every graduate has access to a mentor. The practicum side of our Center for Lifelong Learning provides on-field, on-site training and mentoring. Recently we trained 22 mentors from CBC who are already assisting pastors on the field. Also, our on-line courses bring CBC to anyone anywhere.

EVANGEL: Anything else?

BENSON: The vision and mission of the church is to see people saved – all nations, all people. We at CBC have the responsibility for carrying out the mandates of the Great Commission. That is what CBC is all about.


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