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2002 Conversations

2001 Conversations


A historic General Council

(February 16, 2003)

General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask spoke with Scott Harrup, associate editor, about the upcoming 50th General Council in Washington, D.C.

PE: How would you describe General Council for someone who has never attended?

TRASK: It’s an opportunity to see the length and breadth and depth of the Fellowship — to see thousands of young people involved in ministry, to worship with the general assembly, to experience the preaching of the Word and wonderful times at the altar.

PE: Why are Washington, D.C., and the 50th General Council a good marriage?

TRASK: The 50th General Council is a milestone. The setting in Washington lets us make a statement to our nation’s leadership that we stand behind them in prayer. We are one nation under God, and we want to make that statement and let office holders at all levels of government know that the Assemblies of God is deeply appreciative.

PE: Would a family enjoy General Council?

TRASK: The activities reach all age groups. In Washington, D.C., families can view some of our historical monuments and places of government. We have set Saturday afternoon apart so families can tour Washington.

PE: What are some of your Council memories?

TRASK: I’ve returned from General Council as a pastor, as a district official, and now as a national official, renewed and refreshed in my spirit. The Early Church experienced four factors that are essential for the church today: They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine, in fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayer. All of these elements are part of General Council.

PE: What do you hope to see God accomplish at this year’s gathering?

TRASK: The Vision for Transformation that has been under consideration will come before the delegates. We want to be at our best in the 21st century. We’re going to highlight the need for church planting. We’re also going to highlight discipleship and evangelism, two essential elements for the church that are deep expressions of the heart of Christ in reaching the lost. And we’re going to roll out some new curriculum that will revolutionize Sunday school.

Prayer is essential to all of this. Unless this event is bathed in prayer from the opening night to the closing rally in the Mall, the best laid plans of men are just plans. God has to give His blessing.

PE: What prayer emphases would you ask churches to remember between now and July?

TRASK: Pray for the event itself, for our speakers, for the outreach ministries that will take place across the city, and for the safety of people traveling to and from General Council. Pray that God’s presence would stir the church again and that He would send our pastors and delegates back to their places of responsibility with a new vision and new excitement for church planting and evangelism and a revival in our land.

PE: What will happen in Washington that will impact young people?

TRASK: I hope young people will see that the Assemblies of God will be on the cutting edge until Jesus comes. We haven’t settled in. We’re not comfortable with the success of yesterday. Our young people are bold and I want them to be challenged.

PE: As you look to the future of the Fellowship, what do you envision?

TRASK: I pray that out of this Council will come a releasing of the laity for ministry. The laity and the clergy together can enjoy the greatest days of the church. I believe that’s promised in the Word of God. In the last days He promises to pour out His Spirit on all flesh.

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