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When A.B. Cox, an early minister with the Assemblies of God, attended an Oklahoma Bible school in 1908, he was certain that God had spoken to him about asking fellow student Dora Lee Quick to marry him. But male and female students were not allowed to communicate. So he wrote a letter to Dora, expressing his feelings. Seven days later they were married and entered the ministry.

Here are excerpts from their correspondence at this Valentine’s season.

Dear Sister:

The time has come that I am compelled to write you a few lines.

I promised my Lord to walk in what light He has given me. I would much rather ask you face to face what I have to ask, but of course you understand that we have no chance to talk around here. So, I have to do the next best.

I am coming out plain and ask if you have had any leadings of going out in the work and if our blessed Lord has spoken to you as you and me working together … . I prayed to Him if it was His will for us to be companions in this life to show you and make you see it. I want to be sure that it is the Lord’s will first. Please let me know if you have been led this way by the Lord. And if you haven’t, I will have to get down and fight this feeling.

— A.B. Cox

Dear Brother Cox:

Glory to God for answering prayer. I have been feeling this way ever since before I came back to Beulah and I told the Lord, bless His name, if it was Him that He would make it known to you. Glory to God. He has been talking to me about the work … and He would talk to me about you and I going together … . Well, glory, isn’t it wonderful what the Lord can do if we will just let Him have His way? Oh, how much I would like to have a long talk with you. I just pray that the Lord will give us a chance very soon. Glory to God. Goodbye.

— Dora Quick

Today’s college students may not want to return to the courting style shown in these 1908 letters; however, if they could, no doubt the Coxes would advise young people thinking about marriage: "Let God have His way."

— Wayne Warner, director
Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center

This article originally appeared in the February 11, 2001, Pentecostal Evangel.

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