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2003 PE Report

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Urban training centers minister
to ever-growing population
(July 14, 2002)

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GED program an effective ministry (March 10, 2002)

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Bethany College honors black minister pioneer (February 10, 2002)

A/G quarterback wins Unitas Award (January 27, 2002)

Camp Melody plants song of love in boys' hearts (January 20, 2002)

Pastor breaks giving record after 10 days atop billboard (January 13, 2002)

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A/G among fastest growing faith groups

By John W. Kennedy (December 8, 2002)

The Assemblies of God grew by 18.5 percent during the 1990s, the third largest gain among major faith groups in the country, according to a recent nationwide study. The A/G gained 400,388 adherents during the decade, up to 2,561,998. The Fellowship also added 731 congregations, for a total of 11,880. The figures, covering only stateside totals, are different from the official A/G statistics, which include Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Only the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, at 19.3 percent, and the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, at 18.6 percent, grew faster during the span. For total number of congregations, the A/G follows the Southern Baptists, United Methodists, Catholics and Churches of Christ.

The findings of the once-a-decade study published by the Nashville-based Glenmary Research Center also show that the A/G is in the top 276 metro regions of the nation, the only group to be so positioned besides Southern Baptists and Catholics.

The A/G is the fourth most widespread body in the country, located in 83.3 percent of the nation’s counties, for a presence in 2,616 counties. United Methodists are the most prevalent, in nearly 96 percent of counties, followed by Catholics at 95 percent and Southern Baptists with 85 percent.

A/G Statistician Sherri L. Doty, who participated in the research, says part of the A/G expansion is attributable to growth in ethnic churches. During the decade, the number of Hispanic A/G congregations grew by 29 percent while the number of Latino adherents increased by 53 percent, according to Doty.

The data indicate the Assemblies of God is the largest faith group in four U.S. counties: Asotin County, Wash.; Wheeler County, Ore.; Wheatland County, Mont.; and Eaton County, Mich. Except for Eaton County – which includes part of the state capital, Lansing – all are rural areas.

The A/G is the largest Protestant group in an additional 50 counties. Many are located in the western United States, where overall church participation is lowest. Eleven each are in Washington and California, including Sacramento County, California’s capital, while seven are in Oregon. Four are in Colorado, three each in Alaska and Idaho, two each in Hawaii and Montana, with one apiece in Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.

The study indicates that Oklahoma has the most penetration of any state for the Fellowship, with more than 25 adherents per thousand population, or a total of 88,301. Not surprisingly, California, the most populous state, has the most A/G members, 310,522. The largest number of A/G followers in an urban area are in Los Angeles with 111,815.

According to the study, the A/G ranks eighth among 149 participating faiths in size. Catholics are first with 62 million followers, and are the largest group in 38 states. The Southern Baptist Convention, which at 19.9 million adherents is the largest Protestant group, is the most populous faith in 10 states, all in the South.

However, the Glenmary methodology relies on self-reporting and does not include data from 14 bodies, most of them predominantly black denominations. Denominations not participating in the study included the National Baptist Convention of America and the Church of God in Christ, both of which are larger than the A/G, according to the 2002 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches.

In addition, several evangelical and Pentecostal groups with fewer than 1 million adherents showed remarkable growth, including the Salvation Army up 225 percent, the Evangelical Free Church up 57 percent, the International Pentecostal Holiness church up 53 percent, the Wesleyan church up 47 percent, the Presbyterian Church in America up 42 percent and the Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.) up 40 percent.


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