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  • July 11, 2014 - Reflections

    By Jean S. Horner
    The other day while walking down a corridor in a public building, I saw what appeared to be someone walking toward me. On coming closer, I found it was my own reflection in a huge mirror. For a moment it frightened me. Somehow a full-length reflection of one’s self is a startling thing. ...

Connections: Ramona Edgman
June 30, 2013

By His Stripes

Ramona Edgman serves as administrator for Assemblies of God U.S. Missions, working alongside Executive Director Zollie Smith to facilitate AGUSM’s “Seven Windows” of outreach to communities in need across the United States. Edgman is a firm believer in the effectiveness of those seven key ministries and in the divine empowerment needed in order for them to succeed in transforming lives. Her own family has benefited from the ministry of Teen Challenge. In this Connections, Edgman describes a season of miraculous intervention that resulted in her physical healing.

evangel: Tell us about the events surrounding your cancer diagnosis.

RAMONA EDGMAN: In October 2011, a doctor called me at home. I had been having some issues with my stomach for several years, and they could never quite figure out what was wrong. My husband, Doug, and I had come home early that day from work — which in itself was unusual. The phone rang, and I could tell from the doctor’s voice that it wasn’t good. He told me I had carcinoid cancer and I would need surgery as soon as possible. He explained a little bit about the cancer and he ended with, “I am so sorry.”

I had been waiting for this day for years because I had lost both my mother and father to cancer, as well as a brother. Still, I wasn’t prepared. I sobbed uncontrollably and clung to Doug.

I had seen healing up close and personal in my own family. My mother was healed of multiple sclerosis before I was born, my brother of a broken arm, and the list goes on. However, I really didn’t understand how God could have more healing left for my family or for me.

evangel: How did you deal with the news?

EDGMAN: As my friends heard and started praying, an incredible peace came over me. From that day on, I never lost sleep over the cancer. I am not saying it was easy. I am just saying God gave me grace.

I knew I was to start sharing my journey and building a team of prayer support. I started updating friends, family, co-workers and whoever would listen. I read the Scriptures about healing; I got emails, texts, phone calls, letters and cards of support. A good friend gave me a devotional that really met me where I was.

“By His stripes we are healed,” became my motto. He said we are healed, not that we might be healed or could be healed but that we are healed. If I believe in Him — don’t I have to believe in His promises? I decided I would release my faith and believe just that.

evangel: What type of treatments did you undergo, and how did they affect you?

EDGMAN: I had surgery in November 2011. They found more cancer. I had two surgeons and two surgeries in one day: A total hysterectomy to remove additional cancer, and a surgery to remove a foot of small intestine where the original cancer was found.

God continued to bless me. I healed quickly and was back at work within six weeks. During this time I decided I would not let Satan defeat me, physically or mentally. I met with a new oncologist, and each visit meant more tests. Each month I had tests and a shot. One shot alone costs $13,000.

You see, not only did I have carcinoid cancer, but I also had carcinoid syndrome. That’s what had been making me sick for years. I was told chemo and radiation wouldn’t help me. The cancer that was left was slow growing, but there was nothing they could really do. Three defined tumors showed up on each MRI.

evangel: Even the strongest faith can waver in the face of a life-threatening illness. Did you ever feel defeated?

EDGMAN: In May 2012, I had a meltdown. The shots seemed to have quit working, and I ended up in the emergency room on the evening of Memorial Day with excruciating pain.

I got mad at God. I screamed, “You can heal me, and I know You have, but take away this pain!” I was just so tired of all the poking and prodding, tests and more tests. Why go through this if they can’t help me? They couldn’t figure out what was happening, but I was so sick for a week.

I knew God had big shoulders and could handle my anger. Then I pulled myself up out of that hole and started planning on the manifestation of my healing.

evangel: What was the turning point in your path to healing?

EDGMAN: A friend suggested I go to Mayo Clinic, and that same day I got confirmation from two other sources that I should go. I dragged my feet about it, but eventually called and made an appointment. Of course I postponed it as long as I could. This was June 2012, and my visit to Mayo was scheduled for the end of August.

Each day, I spoke these words: “I am healed.” I started thinking, Maybe at Mayo we will see the manifestation. However, Satan would taunt me with the thought that I wasn’t worthy.

I continued to pray and solicit prayers. The Sunday before we left for Mayo, we were taking Communion at church and a small, still voice told me that Mayo would tell me what I needed to know. I was so scared at that point. I had prayed for almost a year for healing. Some pray for years and years and it never seems to happen. I wondered, Should I hope?

evangel: How did you find out the cancer was gone?

EDGMAN: On Tuesday at Mayo they started testing, and on Wednesday the carcinoid cancer specialist told me something I’ll never forget: “There is no way you can have carcinoid syndrome.” I was so confused. I felt dizzy. Then she told me they didn’t even see any evidence of the cancer. When I heard that, my ears started ringing. Then they did an octreotide scan that shows carcinoid cancer specifically, and nothing showed up.

I got these results on Friday as we drove to Wisconsin to see friends. I was afraid to tell anyone. I said, “OK, God. Maybe You have healed me but could You give me a little more proof?” God probably wanted to shake me!

On the Tuesday after Labor Day, I was scheduled for an endoscopy, ultrasound and a couple other tests while under anesthesia. Just before they put me under, the doctor came in and said they had decided to do a biopsy as well. Immediately I knew God was honoring my cry for a little more proof. I got a call on the Thursday after we got home with the news that the biopsy was benign. All the doctors could tell me was they didn’t know what happened — but I knew. I am healed.

evangel: What did God teach you through this experience?

EDGMAN: God prepared me for my journey the year before my diagnosis. I started letting go of bitterness, and I drew closer to Him. All that junk — it doesn’t matter. What matters is God and our relationship with Him and eternity.

In the end, I found through this situation God didn’t just want to heal me from cancer — He wanted to deliver me from bitterness from my past, the feelings that I was unworthy of God’s work in my life, and He wanted to show me I had a body of people who loved me and were willing to partner with me, no matter what I was going through.

I want people to know healing is real, healing is for today, and healing is for YOU. My healing was about the body of Christ praying for me. Your journey may be different; but, believe me, God can heal you. By His stripes you are healed..

View “Healing is for you,” Ramona’s video testimony at


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